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  1. Can confirm. Been fixed. Now if we can just slow down the projectile too. Like it fires at default speed but you can speed it up with the left click as normal but make it slower than default with right click with out having to shoot through an object at point blank to make it go slower.
  2. Personally, I use it on my Mirage to light her on fire to get her into light state buff. Explosive with a fire proc does the job for it.I hear Chroma likes using it for their buff but I don't know. I have also used it on Equinox to buff their slow.
  3. the EoM screen looks great. I would like to see "Enemies CC'd", "% enemies attacked you instead of other players", and "Life saving heals" or something. I know its silly. but shows value in other roles. On a serious note, and one I know would take a S#&$ ton of work (If I can get a job doing it for you guys and knew what I was doing I would). I would love the Invinitroy UI to have a more elaberate search system. Even if it was manual tags put into the search box in a command line way. (kinda like how Google and what not have secret commands to make better searches that are not obvious) So you don't have to do a special UI, but I can do like, "Disposition>2" and the search results will only show me rivens that have a weapon disp of 3 or higher.
  4. My crusade to have Stave holsters fixed continues... Make them not upside down! Please, please, please, flip them or allow the rotation axis full range instead of just 30 degrees (estimating) https://imgur.com/a/eg5rboo
  5. My problem with staves still exists. Please give full pitch control at least? Instead of just a tiny degree. https://imgur.com/a/eg5rboo
  6. Real simple one: When I crouch, make the grass grow up high and hide me. So I look like I am hiding in grass.
  7. Preatty much what the title says, A mod that lets thrown melees have a vacuum on it. Like how Link's does in the Zelda games. I think it would be funny and cool to see a thrown melee coming back with a bunch of items around on them like when you get a high speed bullet jump chain with Mags and a bunch of stuff is flying behind her.
  8. Yeah. The whole thing came to mind while I was speed running spy missions on the Kuva fort and I was going pretty darn fast and would get slowed down by running into enemiees. Then I remembered gale kick... So I played around with it and had a laugh... then I remembered I didn't need it to kill enemies but it was still pretty funny to sometimes 1 shot the weaker enemeis with gale kick.
  9. Addendum to this: I'd like to see it for slides too. If anything just to be able to slide straight through enemies and knock them down.
  10. Requesting to have these two brought in line to each other. I love the Ogris with my Ember, But I like the effect of Napalm Gernades better. In effect, the changing the damage type to fire AND the graphics of it. That giant ball of fire is quite annoying and adds a bunch of unnecessary visual noise with Nightwatch Napalm...Plus, be nice if the color of both match the weapon's energy.
  11. Kinda tough to use right now. rather lack luster. Just throwing it out there... what about a damage multiplier based on your current speed you are moving at at the point of contact (or the run speed) Just seem like a fun thing.
  12. Look, all I am saying is that next Augment pass I really want to see an augment that makes Grendel's 4 "eat" enemies and add them to his belly after he directly runs into them. If you have to balance it by removing the bounce damage and making a nitch thing or something, so be it. I just want to Katamari this here Damacy.
  13. Tested and can confirm about Energy Inversion only giving 40% not 120%
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