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  1. When sorting by name in the Foundry the Odonata Prime Blue Print lists separately from the other 3 Odonata Prime parts and instead shows up at the bottom of the list. Possible reason: It has the icon for the Archwing as the first character in the name..
  2. Just kinda throwing things out there. Try to aim for the ideal and hope to get something.
  3. Just would like to see the mod compatibility expanded for this. Particularly range. Would be nice to have it work with things like the Combo Counter and channeled attacks.
  4. have them show up as part of the plague star?
  5. I'll use them. I don't know about others, but my favorite things is taking something and seeing how I can make the most of it. I hope there are enough others out there that feel the same to make the improvements justified.
  6. I hope a big range increase. Doing a Hysteria build usually means a neg range stat. Or having the range detached from modding around 25m. Sounds good, Makes Ash more useful for AOEying I am hopeing a good range on the taunt. Right now it's not noticible. Otherwise I am all for more taunt abilities in the game. Since I can only have 1 out instead of 4, sounds good. 4x duration better? I have been messing around with Furious Javelin trying to get something I am satisfing and it drives me nuts. It is so blasted weak right now. I would like to see the buff extended to all weapons instead of just melee given that Excal is the all around starter frame. That is cool. Maybe add on an "energy recharge" buff? I always mentally link water to energy. It bugs me that Pilfering doesn't cause bonus orbs of any kind to drop like Necros does. This would slip in on there. Do the status immunity + energy recharge buff for X duration. Mag is a go to frame for me and Mag Discharge is my build of choice. I would absolutely love this. Makes a power house more powerhouse. I tried maging a neg duration build for this and just not satisfied. I hope to see this help. Sounds really good. Is it going to stay at an 8m range? I mean with out overextended that maxes at 16m which is... eh? Also be careful, the "flash" animation could get annoying to players if they are getting it trigger every kill. The Shooting Gallery damage buff seems low to me, perhaps a buff there too? There are other frames that give much more dramatic damage buffs and it would give Mesa an option for doing a tank build, utility build, and DPS build? I had someone surprised the other day that I use it because they said no one does. I hope a dramatic increase in damage. Maybe a scale or bonus if the enemy is CC'd too like with the blind? Fantastic. Very good indeed. If I am doing a roar build I want to debuff thigns too. So Good. Contagion clouds right now are so tiny, this is a great thing to see and I hope its a nice sized cloud Maybe scales with frame or weapon mods? Volt with the shield is my jam, so good. I have been trying so hard to make this work and it is so crazy nitch, it is a pain to use. I have been using anti-grav mods to try to compensate The 2 second would be more usable for sure. I kinda wish the buff applied to all damage done and not just the 1's damage. I do like charging up 1 to hover and snipe stuff. I totally just splooshed reading this. My favorite build on Ember right now is doing a buffer build, giving all players around 400% bonus fire damage and my biggest complaint is being able to give it to players or when trying to target a companion and it keeps wanting to move behind me. I was hopeing to have it make it so when a friendly moved through the fire patch but this works too. Is this also going to damage? Or is the charge attack only affect friendlies? I hope the effect still goes to companions since the other buffs do not while this family of buffs do.
  7. For personally, me, don't do it just because it isn't all that fun. I like Miter with the 5 punch through and go through doors and used to go several rooms away.
  8. If they weren't RNG, I'd agree with them being symbols of achievement. But right now, with it being chance, I'd like to be able to sell these extra ones I got, like I've been lucky enough to get 2 shadow ones.
  9. Just as it stated. Something more to pass about for those of us that farm.
  10. First of all: I really like the kit. I see other people seem to not be using him to his maximum potential but I think that will come in time. Thing I want to talk about is the augments though Celestial Stomp vs Iron Vault: Personally, Iron Vault was one of the most interesting augments Wukong had and it's been replaced with diet stomp. I spent a lot of time experimenting with different weapons and it was a lot of fun trying to figure out what works best with Iron Vault. Suggestion: Combine the two. Press 1, Wuklone ground slams that spot for the boosts Iron Vault boosted ground slams. Lets me mix it up and figure out synergies with various melee weapons. Enveloping Cloud: Its nifty, Given any attacks cause it to blink off seems to limit it's use but does bring more enemy attention to Wukong, so there is that. While it does seem to give the buff to Wuklone, It doesn't seem to effect my sentinel. Could use it on that. Really would like though is the heal effect. Something like, it puts a buff on the friendly that builds up heal as I move around, then soon as I drop it gives them that health. Or maybe just heal affected people as I move around. Primal Rage: Not much to say here as it's a rather uninteresting augment. Yay, I kill better. I think its good to have augments like this though, some people just need some meat and potatoes with out having to worry about fancy synergies or what ever. Or something. Edit: Maybe make the crit bonus based on the amount of damage Wukong/Wuklone has taken instead of based on kills? To go along with more traditional rage type effects from various games and to flavor to Wukong's tanky theme.
  11. I can see people going to Kuva and dying just before the last one finishes to try to get Monkey Luck.
  12. For the longest time I loved, loved, loved using the Miter with Ivara's Navigator. SOme point in the past 12 months though there was something put in that causes the projectile to depspawn after about 2-3 seconds and it is driving me nuts. It was my favorite pairing of weapon and frame and really would like it back again.
  13. My feedback is simple: Make the drones more interesting. Not invulnerability. Since players are getting 300% something, have drones give 300% something. healing. Elemental damage types (I'd say do the base and 2 drones can make for combo types instead of 600%) Speed like they are under the effect of a speed Nova shields armor Second feed back: How about some boss encounters show up. I think it would be neat to see an assassination show up every 5 minutes and go, "I have been chosen to test you." and one of the warframes with AI control pop in and attacks like a nightmare specter.
  14. I am honestly fine with kdrive being slower. But I would like a reason to use them. Just to ball park: Maybe K drives can be used right away while arch wings take time to launch as the lander flys overhead and drops it? I haven't played Fortnite but I think I'd like the controls to be a little more like what I've seen in Fortnite with a youtuber I follow. Complete with shooting and maybe floating while airborn like aim-gliding.
  15. maybe make those diamond things speed boosts? So you collect them and start going even faster?
  16. I figure if you had more viable use for other wings, People wouldn't just go for speedy wing and drop out into frame mode.
  17. My thing is that Archwings get knocked out of the sky so damn easily. I would so use the others more if I didn't get sneezed at and knocked down. Like for example, Amesha has some amazing abilities that are useless because you can't stay in her long enough to keep them being effective.
  18. I bet Rob got his hopes up for a second then went back to crying about Titania vacuum.
  19. Aww, I be sad, Exploiter Orb should have some sort of Exploit in it.
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