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  1. You can also check the Market console on your orbiter. It's in the front of the ship, looking toward the windshield, it'll be on your right. Generally un-vaulted primes have relics from bounties and the Void missions.
  2. You are building for range and strength, right? Range for a bigger area of affect, and strength to raise the lower limit of your buffs. With adaptation, and strength the range of his damage resistance is much tighter, while increasing the buff from his 4. His 3 will be what you use when things are "chaotic," just activate Red line, and enemies around you will freeze, giving you plenty of space, and distance with which to engage enemies from. Bulldozing, with his two active, will give you plenty of breathing room, since it knock enemies down in your path, and around your point of impact. With tight hallways, enemies will usually be in tight groups, which makes it easy in tile sets, and if you target a nearby wall, you can clear enemies around you pretty quick. It's just 3 (for cold or blast), dash to knock down enemies, and shoot. The Redline is more circumstantial rather than a necessity, its for when you need the extra fire power, such as higher level. Combine with Kinetic plating, you can stagger enemies with melee, and keep them in check, while charging, with 1 and 3. I rarely use it as well, but when I do, it is for when I need to up my DPS, and when I know I can keep on the move. It is better suited for missions where everything is spread out rather than close together. When ever I need to remain stationary, I use his 3, and keep to melee, and use his guns when I have space. This is going to be a lot of back and forth, so maybe one of should concede that trying to convince each other that Redline isn't completely useless is kind of pointless since we're both going to keep comeing up with counterexamples over and over again until we are back into a corner, and just have to imagine the most unlikely scenarios just to stump one another.
  3. The whole point is to move and shoot. One of the reasons why he is pretty good with AoE weapons like launchers. Increase his duration, and even though it will take longer to build up, the buff will remain up for longer than it would otherwise. The entire kit is supposed to be a hit-and-run play-style. Run enemies over, shoot at them, or use ground finisher or slide attack, whichever works. You still can kill and shoot enemies, you just have to keep moving. His 3 can help if you need to stay in one place, it just needs a buff to help build charge. Right now, bulldoze enemies, and shoot them while they are down. Don't just use the ability when it is at 100%, use it as you build up charge, w/ a Condition Overload weapon and his 3, you'll be able to keep your damage output up reasonably well. If you need to deal with enemies, freeze them with your 3, dash and shoot, or freeze and melee and quickly shooting as you move out. I can easily get my charge up using the above strategy, I just need to increase my duration to keep my buff up longer.
  4. He has very solid kit. Use his 1 to charge his battery, stay on the move as well. His 2 as damage resistance, and adds a slash proc when running into walls with his one. His three for charging his battery and CC, freeze or slow enemies, or blast them back (with Blast). And his 4 to buff his fire rate, melee stun buff when add his 2, and to freeze enemies in one cast from his 3. Use his 1 to help charge his max his battery faster. Also, if you are using an automatic rifle, or explosive launcher, knock enemies down with his 1, and lay down some fire behind you. If you use his signature weapons, remember to use a melee with Condition Overload, and use a Hunter's Munitions build for his Acceltra, Gas/Corrosive an his Akarius. After that, Grofit (??). There you go solid strategy for using this frame. Frames are generally not fodder, they all have a place in a squad, and Gauss is one of the best for buffing Condition Overload on melee due to his 3, while other frames are limited to just causing 1 status effect. The only exception is Saryn, but she is a nuker, and doesn't really mesh well with team play when she is built as a toxin nuke, so Gauss is the friendliest for adding status effects to enemies. Volt seems to have a significant Speed nerf, he seems much slower even with his 2. Gauss's 4 ramps up the higher his battery is, while Volt is a regular buff. Gauss has synergy built into his kit, more than Volt. That is why you should always be on the move. Lay down fire behind you, and alternate between using his 1, for covering ground fast, and 3 for CC and building up charge.
  5. Having to cast it twice just helps fill the battery faster, and have spare charge to consume with the fire, it still balances out, one just has to prioritize cold over fire. If the want us to use the latter, then make it consume less, or make it have synergy with the rest of the kit. On its own, it only helps add status effect for Condition Overload, which is only moderately/mildly useful.
  6. Six arms is a bit of a leap, let's start with 3 or four first. Other than that, I think a many armed frame could be done well.
  7. The ability is a stationary way to fill his battery, so still meshes with his kit, and it is useful to slow/stop enemies so he can lay down fire as he moves away. It still finds its use in his play-style, and good for blasting enemies back as well, such as when you have to defend an objective or when trying to revive an ally. All in all, his abilities all have a purpose and use, especially for melee that uses Condition Overload. I wouldn't change much, except maybe let us build the Red line battery faster.
  8. That is way better than turning into a glorified rolling ball. I would rather condense the eating and vomiting into 1 ability, and give him another ability instead.
  9. But does the second effect have to come from the same Gauss that cast the first Sunder, or can the second Sunder come from another Gauss? In other words, can 2 Gauss overlap their Thermal Sunders to stack procs?
  10. Yes Volt is the resident speed buffing frame, but Gauss's Thermal Sunder is far from useless. Gauss's 3 applies a proc that helps Condition overload, and helps keep enemies under control, not every damaging ability needs to be all about damage. Look at Frost's 1, and Ember, they both keep enemies in place and apply a status effect on enemies, which means that they can ramp up damage on their melee weapons, as long as they inflict those affects before hand. Gauss is a decent/solid frame. His weapons and abilities all help one another and can apply 2 to 3 different status effects with his abilities alone. The only thing he needs is synergy with other frames so they can combine status effects with his 3, like with Frost, Saryn (melee build), Volt, and Ember, and his 3 would help him work within a squad better. Side note, do 2 separate Gauss's Thermal Sunder stack? It would help one save on battery if blast was triggered using 2 of the frame instead of just one.
  11. Defection is still one of the better game modes available, better pacing than interception, survival, defense, etc. It makes more sense to have players spread out after they have already leveled their gear instead of having to camp for increased spawn rates. Spawn rates need to be increased to not promote camping because so far there are barely any enemies to keep life support up, or to guard healing towers. Right now there is little to no incentive for playing as a team if everyone is a literal army/nuke that can do everything themselves. Enemies need to be buffed across the board, and they need more anti-tenno measures that are invincibility or ability negation. Right now the faction that makes sense is the decreased duration Sentient units have against our abilities, other than that, all faction are using just blanket solutions. Sure they are effective, but not very tactical and overcompensating. Right now the best game mode, that isn't held with in one room, is Disruption since every team member can help get the objective done with having to stick in one place.
  12. I hope at some point they include Revenant's backstory. Right now all he is just a warden that got lax on his job, making him the frame he is today. Surely there is more to Gauss than just the Tower of Altra, why else would he have so many similarities to Revenant's model? The front of their shoulders, thighs, and lower torso all like similar in build.
  13. Has anyone noticed the physical similarities between Gauss and Revenant? The front of the shoulders, their thighs, and lower torso are very similar to each other. Given their similar appearances, I am sure that Revenant was once a Gauss frame that was soaked in Eidolon energy, turning him into an Eidolon themed frame. Gauss: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/File:Gauss_concept_art.jpg https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Gauss#Main Revenant: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Revenant https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/File:VladCaptura.jpg
  14. That is actually intentional, at least that has been the way it worked for a very long time. The same thing happens with the Talons, and the alt-fire on the Fusilai. They spread out to cover as much area as possible, so all their explosions aren't all in the same place. The Fusilai aren't explosive, but it is intended for them to spread out. @Archaic_
  15. Any frame in particular? Not much we can do without images for comparison
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