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  1. TYPE: In-game, UI DESCRIPTION: While testing with the Railjack changes of the most recent Hotfix (30.0.7), i suddenly noticed an inconsistency between the mentioned effect of the Railjack crit mods, causing them to display 2x their effect, although they do only apply the 50% increase, as the mods say. VISUAL: Snapshot of Zetki Glazio having 50%/2.5x base stats, doubled value with Predator & Section Density REPRODUCTION: Simply equip the Predator and/or Section Density mods, the arsenal stats will change accordingly. EXPECTED RESULT: The arsenal stats would increase to 75%
  2. Aand Onslaught Matrix remains a troublemaker, it would seem. At least Protective Shots has been fixed, so progress has a least been made in that regard 👍
  3. TYPE: In-Game - Infinitely stacking turret damage DESCRIPTION: As i was configuring my Plexus setup, i suddenly noticed that my turret damage was much higher than it realistically should be. After doing some testing, i found out the reason was that Onslaught Matrix & Protective Shots repeatedly applied their effects when updating the Upgrades UI VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Simply swap around mods or switch to and from the Upgrades section of the UI with Onslaught Matrix (either currently or when you enter the session) and/or Protective Shots equipped while in an instance
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