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  1. Can't see why you ban people for bugs you created 😄
  2. I find disarm more valuable than dodge chance, survive ability wise. If you disarm, enemy has no way of killing you with one shot. Dodge is a gamble. They dodged their shots? Cool, you are alive, but if a high level corpus lands that one shot, "u ded boi". Remove that "feature" that removes disarm on enemies that are affected by 'Mind Control'. Also disarm passive won't have a good synergy with her new abilities. As they will require enemy to shoot. Also while Nyx consuming bullets/energy from enemy shots, not stop them like Neo did in matrix :D, how is that returning damage is the same that was shot. (it is just a thought about theme and lore :P)
  3. 1.Umbral polarities...when? 2. Would like to also have more option for graphics, like removing grass and etc. Will something like this ever happens?
  4. So Umbral polarities are being ignored with purpose?
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