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  1. I'd like to throw another idea out there: players use MOT to test certain builds, and unfortunately with solo spawns being garbage, the only real-world test is an actual mission with teammates. Yes, the Simulacrum can test too, but only in a controlled environment, and not every player has this area unlocked. Some players are also simply unprepared for MOT, with the 300% damage multiplier, suddenly enemies are carving out huge chunks of health for their level. My guess is also a lot of new players started playing, or resumed playing, with the new Fortuna update, and we're seeing a lot of
  2. One high-risk index run for 7 minutes equals about 8 runs of 5 waves at Akkad, iirc. Not saying your preference is wrong, but wouldn't it be far faster to do the Index? It's way better now that they revamped it a few months ago.
  3. Over the past few weeks, I've had more and more instances of Eidolons randomly teleporting mid-fight. I always assumed this was because they get caught on the level geometry and need to reset. However, I've seen cases where the Eidolons teleport again after immediately rising out of a different lake, sometimes 3 times in a row. This seems to be limited to the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst, so maybe their larger models cause this reset to occur more frequently; HOWEVER, I never had a problem when they were first released for PC back in February, it appears to be happening more frequently to me.
  4. You cannot trade built weapons/warframes, only the blueprints or components.
  5. I've seen this happen every PA release since the relic system was introduced...best to wait a day for them to work out the typical drop table issues.
  6. I suggest an ignis with massive punchthrough/range on a low-level infested dark sector. May be able to wall latch in a crowded hallway while cloaked, and spray it around, might be enough to get enemies outside the room through doors.
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