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  1. Sevagoth Sevagoth's kit has excellent damage and feels really fun to play, the shadow too. That said, Sevagoth feels a little squishy which is understandable given how easy it is for him to revive himself but at the same time it makes it a little tricky to use him in high end stuff since I've got no Alive Time to build up my meter. He's got a slow in his 3rd for crowd control but the range is super limited even at full tilt, and the Life Steal is nice but he doesn't have anything to mitigate the damage to make use of that life steal. So I've been trying to think of a Solution: Arcane
  2. Running a few Void Storms, primarily in the higher levels for Sevagoth parts, a few immediate issues jump out at me as a primarily solo player and a few times when I ran with a friend. We're both high MR / experienced players with big investment into our railjacks, plexus, and intrinsics. Bugs - The entire experience is being marred by some pretty painful bugs, more often when I play with a friend because of connection. We had one clean run out of the four we ran which had us both just wanting it to be done and over with. Hoping we get our Sevagoth parts so we can leave and not have to de
  3. So I've got my Oubliette from the Glassmaker, and I've also got a clan dojo with a kinda lounge tropy room so I kinda wanna put the Oubliette in there BUT I also want an Oubliette on my Orbiter so I think "Can I buy another one?" and it says I can't because I already own one. So I think, maybe if I put it in the Dojo first and then buy another one to replace it? But what if it still counts if its in the Dojo and now I have no Oubliette? Has anyone done this and can confirm if its possible or nah?
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