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  1. You need stronger cough medicine. You're not even imagining dragons yet.
  2. That's Hydroid's 2, you're just playing the wrong frame.
  3. Just listen to what the game is telling you and change tactics. Undertow sure as hell doesn't need any buffs. Also, the camera is the way it is in Undertow because: 1. You're a friggin' puddle. 2. Tentacles launch from the center of the puddle and having the camera positioned such makes it the easiest for players to parse whether or not they have a clear line between puddle center and target.
  4. And nothing of value is lost, given endless missions aren't supposed to go endlessly but reach a point where they eclipse a player's ability to continue.
  5. They're fine for Gauss, provided you realize you don't need to sprint into the area you're shooting into. You can circle around enemies. Y'know, exactly like you'd do if you were using any self-damaging aoe weapon with low-to-medium velocity.
  6. 1. Any stat changes won't come until after Melee 3.0, and whatever they happen to be, it won't change the fact that Scindo Prime (should it retain its current MR4 rank) is likely to forever be on the weak end of Heavy Blades. 2. This is what charge attacks already do, and crit-based weapons using Amalgam Organ Shatter with stances that don't have early hold-input combos are already pretty good at taking advantage of them. 3. This would be my preference, giving axes a unique niche where their stances emphasize swift approaches and devastating hits rather than sweeping wide areas would be a way to go that moves it out of the shadow of trying to compete in class with weapons that simply make far better use of the stances at their disposal. That said, for now, its stats already lend it to being built along the lines of a Crit+Status hybrid weapon and with access to Cleaving Whirlwind, shouldn't really be lacking in killing power at all. Range is going to be a problem, but that just means you should be looking to use it with warframes that are good at keeping groups of enemies clustered together or otherwise able to pull large numbers of enemies together.
  7. This just sounds like a player-executed mistake that the player already has a path to fixing. It's a frivolous misuse of support's time to contact them over a mistake like this.
  8. This is the number one reason why this is an incredibly bad idea. Forcing folks that don't want to play co-op into this game's generally awful co-op is not going to have a good outcome.
  9. A HUD indicator would be nice for folks who're hard of hearing. Only needs to be on screen if you're just a bit out of the blast radius, and pair it with a blinking light to mark its location when you're not close enough for the HUD indicator to pop.
  10. Why would anyone post a video of doing something so blatantly foolish? You use your 4 to immobilize them and other enemies you've collected then move away to kill with your ranged weapon. Or use your zaw if that's your thing. 1. Agreed. 2. That's what your 2 and not being in your 3 is for. You do know how to bullet jump, right? Dodge roll? Use weapons? 3. Casting it from puddle doubles the damage it deals per tick.
  11. You could just not use those high capacity mods. Or, and hear me out, you could just not use an exilus adapter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. With all due respect, every Warframe in the game already has a meter for controlling your abilities. That it didn't even jump to mind just lays out how incredibly broken it is.
  13. All of this. Like, the problem with nuke frames is not that they can nuke, but that they can do so with such frequency that enemies often end up in a cycle of spawn-die at such speed there's no chance for anyone to even have much to do to begin with. There's no decision to make when the answer question of "Do I blow up the map now?" is always "Yes, obviously, and again, and again."
  14. Vauban's new kit looks fantastic for solo play, and might be decent with a group that wants to forgo AoE nuke-frames. Doesn't really address that for many players, oft times there's no one alive to use his powers against to begin with when you have said nuke-frame on your team*. *No, not because they can nuke, but their ability to do with such speed, frequency, and sustainability that anything (or anyone) else becomes moot.
  15. Yep. Hydroid is an extremely tanky CC frame with pretty good mobility, and plenty lethal if you're not in a rush. [EDIT] That said, I do think people don't get the way his kit works together. It takes a while to get used to how important/pivotal a role his 2+3 are in his kit. They're your initiate and escape, the source of your greatest resistance to damage, and a component of scooping up large numbers of enemies to magnify things like the massive damage output of stacking gas procs from melee attacks that hit multiple closely spaced enemies. His 2+3 are also both invincible from the very first frames of their casts, giving you excellent on demand invulnerability (which can be parleyed into healing or status immunity via augments). Your 1 knocks down and gives you good flexibility to controlling areas around you and places you are not currently present, but also serves as your biggest melee damage steroid as enemies who're knocked down lose awareness of you as they stand, giving you the opportunity to apply melee damage with the same multipliers you would for stealth. Your 4 looks superficially similar, a zone that CC's cast at range, but functions differently. It doesn't make enemies as vulnerable to melee attacks (if anything, it's terrible in that regard), but keeps them from moving around and works against enemies that often aren't CC'd by your 1+2, and won't be knocked down once they're kicked out of the puddle, namely, anyone under the effect of the Ancient Healer auras. It's also capable of dealing quite a lot of true damage, with damage done scaling both with power strength (per tick) and duration (number of ticks). Hydroid does not have great synergy with weapons that require a lot of sustained/precision shooting (like the Tenora, single-target beam weapons, slow firing rifles like most sniper rifles and the Grinlok). He's got tons of ways to group enemies up and thrives on using AoE weapons to make the most of the time your vulnerable. Most mag dump weapons, or weapons that fire a couple/three shot sand reload fit fantastically as, provided you've emptied the magazine, you can reload while in puddle. He is, in many respects, the anti-Vauban. Wanting to react and reflexively deal with situations and keeping moving ahead aggressively, instead of waiting for enemies to fall into your lap.
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