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  1. A better fix is to just block all healing on defense targets. They're more than durable enough as it is.
  2. If you can handle sorties, you're squared away for Arbitrations already. Doubly so if you're already using frames that buff themselves to deal with incoming damage rather than debuffing enemies to the same ends. Even if you take a few lumps, chin up, it's just a game and you're not losin' anything by giving it a shot. That said, as above, you can choose to skip it and still reap the most mechanically valuable rewards through other means, though it does mean forgoing some of the flashier bits.
  3. Bug Report forums exist, might want to post this up in them.
  4. Given that her first 3 skills are all pretty great, there's not much that needs changing about them, I would prefer to see small-ish changes to them. Unless stated otherwise, all changes are additive and powers retain their current, on-live abilities. Passive: Silences all weapons No changes 1. Sonic Boom Becomes an off-hand cast that no longer interrupts reload 2. Sonar Becomes an upper-body cast that allows one to retain mobility but interrupts reloads and prevents shooting while animating Would like to see some utility for this skill in Eidolon/Profit Taker-esque missions/bossfights. 3. Silence Becomes an upper-body cast that allows one to retain mobility but interrupts reloads and prevents shooting while animating Causes enemy homing projectiles to lose track on targets under its umbrella Enemies within the Silence bubble have reduced accuracy Allies within the Silence bubble have their weapons silenced and retain that effect after exiting the bubble for the duration of Silence 4. Soundquake I am unsure exactly what I want to happen to this skill, but it should continue to trade the speed, immediacy, and limited sustained CC of the rest of her kit for a strong local CC and denial ability. Thematically the skill already fits well within her kit, it's a tool you don't use often in its base form because we rarely have reason to CC an area for an extended period of time. Further, it's simply leaves Banshee far too vulnerable for the return on time spent in it. If she does get a damage resistance skill, it should be connected to this skill, trading the offensive capabilities of the rest of her kit for a sustained defensive skill.
  5. Weird, maybe it's an oversight? S#&$'s kinda upside down at the moment, after all.
  6. Have you tried it with heavy slam attacks?
  7. And good riddance, no frame should be able to heal static defense targets.
  8. And nothing of value is lost, the redux. Seriously, Khora aleady has two excellent CC powers that are both very valuable in defense. This nerf is a good fix for consistency sake.
  9. Even if there was word, there's kinda more pressing matters, and the word would likely be "we'll get to it when we get to it." Further, it'd likely be some six months to a year out if they were going to look at it, unless the recent disruptions to development opened up an opportunity, likely by bumping some other far more important, project to create time for them to work on this.
  10. The fix is to shoot Adaptation into the sun and rebalance across-the-board survivability while also removing endless missions from the game.
  11. You must've missed the patch notes where they rebalanced and capped how accurate enemies become. As far as hitscan goes, aim faster, shoot faster, break line of sight and re-engage. They don't instantly snap fire, you've got about a second or so to the kill the enemy once you enter their optimal range.
  12. Because it's a simple, direct way to implement a change that doesn't require a UI overhaul or alter the way they handle warframe passives in a manner whose ecosystem is well proven and fairly unlikely to cause a bunch of bugs to crop up while providing a feature that's probably far more widely requested than this tiny little noise-hole of a forum can probably fathom 'cause it can't conceive of a world past its own shoelaces.
  13. Just remove all endless missions from the game. Every one of 'em. AABC and done.
  14. So, there's a mod you don't need that had no effect on your gameplay whatsoever, that you can completely ignore and not use if you so choose... and you decide to post and whine about it? The #*!% is wrong with you?
  15. To be fair, people and their complaints usually deserve to be dismissed. Chicken Little'ing 'cause a of a rough update or two absolutely deserves a dismissive and derisive response.
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