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  1. They're still there, mouse over the purchase-for-plat button.
  2. Logging off and playing something else would be a good idea. There's a whole universe of games out there to play, not to mention books to read, television to watch, movies to see, and paths to travel.
  3. Nah, they're just overestimating the ability of the players to actually play the game and make effective use of the weapons at their disposal while having the wherewithal to not use area-of-effect weapons where they'll kill themselves. They are legit mocking your inability to make the basic judgement call to not shoot the weapon that explodes in an area-of-effect into an area where you will be standing.
  4. Let's see, The Jovian Concord is slated to be released this month, or thereabouts. Empyrean is looking like it'll be the biggest update of the year, and likely launch on towards fall or winter based on past release cycles. Much of what's been teased regarding The New War looks like it would involve a significant portion of space combat, likely involving the Railjacks and Archwing... so... I'd be kinda surprised if launched this year, and extremely surprised if it launched before Empyrean.
  5. Seems like a solution in want of a problem.
  6. CP should be shot into the sun, and ditto goes for Shield Disruption, on the off chance DE ever gets around to making the shields enemies have actually matter.
  7. Yes. Also, yes, Banshee's passive silences every loud weapon in the game, including AoE weapons. EDIT Banshee's 3 will prevent enemies under its umbrella from reacting to/noticing they are taking damage.
  8. It's cute, I just don't see DE ever implementing it to where it hits all enemies simultaneously rather than sequentially, likely starting from enemies nearest you or your reticle. Basically, I just don't see Ash having a quick crowd clear as it really doesn't seem inline with the warframe or where DE's implied they want to take the game.
  9. I like the idea, I'd just prefer the ability did not auto-activate the damage portion on completion, instead enemies in-range remain marked until you activate the damage portion or all marked enemies are dead at which point you mark more enemies.
  10. Rage and Hunter Adrenaline work just fine. So does Trinity. So does Deathcube's augment from Simaris that causes it to vomit up energy orbs for assists. So does modding for Efficiency. So does receiving energy from the Syndicate procs that apply it. It's probably the easiest sortie mutator to deal with. No bonus damage, no swarms of Eximus, no boosted armor, no weapon restrictions, just a need for a bit more efficiency and the tiniest sliver of less power spam.
  11. Your understanding is incorrect. They are occasionally given out as one of the rewards for Gift of the Lotus alerts. They are occasionally available from Invasions as a reward given out for supporting a side in three consecutive missions. They are occasionally rewarded for completing daily sorties. They are always available from the Nightwave store for Wolf Cred which is earned for completing challenges to rank up in Nightwave (you can see the rewards at the top of the main Nightwave section accessible via your orbiter or in missions from the escape/pause menu). They can be purchased from the in-game store for Platinum, the game's premium currency.
  12. Over here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/89-fan-concepts/
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