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  1. Oberon's fine where he's at now. The OP is complaining about a non-issue.
  2. Question: What happened to/is going on with the Archwing overhaul?
  3. Yep. You'll need enough Simaris rep to buy it, but he should have a copy.
  4. The long sequence with the song and playing as Sevagoth's shadow is incredibly dull. Between the shadow's powers being devoid of anything interesting in its kit, the overlong combat section, and the fact that you can just afk through it as you're utterly immortal, it throws the e-brake on what was up to that point a pretty breezily paced quest line. Like, to be more to the point, you have this awesome moment where you're immobilized, trying to correct the nav data, the Corpus ship comes barreling out of the Void with all guns blazing, Cy is yelling at you, and then... nothing. You cut to
  5. Issue sorted, but in the future, maybe put the "customize keybinds" for each area in a single block at the top of the controls menu
  6. They were incredibly clear from the jump the vacuum effect on airburst was to make certain it pulled enemies together rather than just ragdolling them generally in the direction of the airburst.
  7. Also not as useful to the developers, generally, as clearly explaining what your issues happen to be.
  8. You are misunderstanding the way the Attack Speed stat works for melee. It does not directly affect attacks per second, it is a multiplier applied to animation speed of whatever attack animation you're using. 1.0 is the attack animation unmodified with values above 1.0 speeding the playback of the animation up and values below 1.0 slowing down the playing of the animation. Nami Skyla Prime could be said to have the biggest out-of-the-box improvement to animation speed, but that does not actually translate to attack speed or attacks per second. Galatine with the Rending Crane stance will
  9. It's me, I'm the one who prefers how it works now. That said, a toggle for preference for it, Zarr, and every other dual mode/secondary fire weapon in the game has been and remains my own preference.
  10. Pretty much since its introduction it is (was?) the purview of a couple folks who were assigned to keep an eye on it as an extremely low priority. That "some reason" is that it is not of any great concern at all.
  11. You could also just use it, it's pretty decent. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Delete them from the game entirely.
  13. Heavy Gunners are bad picks generally, IME, but hey're going to do almost no damage to armored Grineer 'cause of their weapon. Butcher vs Elite Lancer, level 45, Ivara w/ Mind Freak at 223% power strength +1861% damage buff; Elite Lancer dead in 3 hits. Level 120 Heavy Gunner vs Level 120 Heavy Gunner with same Ivara as above + 2319% damage bonus: Heavy Gunner killed in around 5 to 6 seconds of sustained fire. Note, when initially mind controlled, heavy gunner was chain staggered until non-mind controlled heavy gunner broke line of fire due to its pathing. Once my Heavy Gunner engaged it
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