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  1. ITT, OP throws around slurs, expects to be taken seriously, and fails to understand why you don't put ketchup in your coffee.
  2. The only Helminth ability that The Vast Untime could affect that would get ridiculous is Energized Munitions, assuming no bonus duration you get a 5x increase in duration for a 4x increase in casting cost and a whole boatload of other bonus from The Vast Untime itself.
  3. "Stop nerfing what's popular." There's little reason for them to. To be blunt, what becomes popular in the game, like Marked For Death, isn't nerfed because it's popular but because of the effects of its overwhelmingly powerful mechanics and the way it freezes out other choices as shown in the telemetry that they have available to them.
  4. For anyone looking for a summary, the only feedback to be gleaned from the OP's post is "Waaaaaahhh, they changed it, now it sucks!!!"
  5. Additional Banshee changes: 1. Off-hand cast, no longer interrupts reload or movement 2. Upper body cast, interrupts reload, does not interrupt movement. No longer stacks exponentially with itself. Optional: 3. Upper body cast, interrupts reload, does not interrupt movement. Less certain here since Silence already does a fair bit and includes a stun on cast.
  6. Funny, when their shields are up I don't get randomly killed by my weapons when I'm hunting them with Banshee. Are you playing Nidus or Inaros by chance?
  7. Cool, we're gonna give all the enemies in the game a 190%-220% increase in HP to compensate, right?
  8. Had a whole spiel about how it need to count only for hunts, but tbh, they can tune it as they see fit, this needs to happen, though. Right now your best bet is to just fly laps around Deimos hoovering up every capture target you find (and there will be many of them).
  9. Huh, I generally find Deimos to be pretty deserted when I'm fishing or mining. There's maybe 1-3 enemies in the immediate area when I touch down, so they get dispatched, then there's usually nothing else for a good 20 minutes if I don't move around a lot. Was kinda hoping the giant infested planetoid's terrain would be a bit more hostile, tbh.
  10. Damage is perfectly fine if you're playing Banshee. :D IDK what you're talking about recoil, though, the gun basically doesn't have any.
  11. The only change needed is the marking cone needs to be a bit bigger and more reliable. The marking feels extremely sluggish for the most part. The rest of it is fine. All you need is a quick middle click, mark, launch, and back to primary faster than the gun can cool down and let you fire normal shots.
  12. Yeah, gotta say, this really didn't give me any trouble. I ran it solo without too much trouble this afternoon and enemies were more than plentiful. Stay to the end for a bonus, OP. (Edit 2: Video processing complete)
  13. Banshee, Sonar, a bit of range and Rubico Prime or Lanka. Sonic Fracture's quite nice to have, too. First shot on the arm generally kills them once you've got a good stack of Sonar.
  14. Oh, that's 'cause they're not immune to Viral damage. They're immune to Viral procs, which doesn't show up for consistency' sake 'cause status proc immunity isn't generally accounted for in scans.
  15. Necramech is awful to use with the Cyngas. It takes around 6 times as long to recover 3 shots as it does to fire them, leading to only being able to fire on and engage a few enemies at once back to back before you start running up against the clip limit. The Velocitus recharges much faster in any practical sense of the term.
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