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  1. If you're not host and having "irregular signals" things absolutely can get buggy as hell in Warframe. Not sayin' it's the source of all your issues, but catching back up to the host and all those move, shoot, and etc. commands can lead to some real weird outcomes. Doubly so when transference is involved.
  2. It's one of those procs that's best applied in mass, sort of like Puncture, so yeah, there's some use for it. That said, in Lavos' case, the primary reason to apply it would be for priming enemies for his 4. As you point out, there are stronger CC procs to apply before it.
  3. It's about time we had actual meaningful limits on our energy pool.
  4. Couple of updates for you folks on Stahlta shock rifle skin and fixes in case you missed 'em.
  5. Arbitration drones effectively remove every single warframe that relies on doing things to enemies and not on self-buffs from the game and heavily devalues any weapon that isn't an area-of-effect attack, turning the game into even more of an AoE spamfest than it already is. Ergo, they are flatly inferior to Nullifiers in their design which have a myriad of ways to be dealt with that involve a variety of decisions to be made to counter them both in mission and at gear selection, while also providing those tactics a level of risk that varies from 'frame to 'frame.
  6. They had some issues with the Rocket Launcher skin for the Ogris and sorted them out after getting back from winter vacation. They'll get around to fixing the Shock Rifle skin, probably as a hotfix on Friday or sometime next week.
  7. Pretty sure it's tied to the Shock Rifle skin from the Epic Games Store. I had the same issue this evening and removing the skin and using the weapon without it fixed the issue.
  8. Yeah, it's time for them buff armor and make it so Slash procs no longer bypass it and not bringing a variety of elements and abilities to deal with a variety of health and armor types means you can just exit mission 'cause you're dead weight. Same for shields and toxin damage.
  9. Smellovision is the way of the future. Aren't you looking forward to walking into your Heminth's room and being assailed by the pungent aroma of what only be described melting silicon, rotting flesh, and vomit left out in the sun in such a humid environment it never desiccates?
  10. Or they could continue making the right decision and leave it off in its little corner where it belongs.
  11. Banshee. Sonar it until its arms and torso are lit up with weakspots. Use Silence to dispel and prevent it from using its special abilities. Shoot the arms with Radiation damage weaponry and it'll explode. Just juke the gunshots, their tracking is abysmal. If you can move out of its line of sight and keep in under Silence, you can get behind it and shoot it until Silence wears off without it reacting to you. Make sure no other enemies have LOS/perception of you who are outside of Silence's field. Bonus: Toss in Sonic Fracture so you can peel the armor off Bonewidows. As
  12. Indeed, so many folks whining and crying and gnashing their teeth like 3 year olds who just had a can a lighter fluid ripped out of their hands before they could use it like a sippy cup.
  13. Blast is definitely not very good. It needs way too many applications to way too many enemies before it matters most of the time. Same problem Puncture procs have. Theoretically they're both good at taking the teeth out of high-threat enemies, especially so if used together, but rarely-to-never do they function against the kinds of enemies that can survive enough damage to stack them on. Magnetic is quite strong and not really in need of any changes, being essentially Viral damage for shields. It is however somewhat niche and not ideal for enemies who are unshielded.
  14. Any mission reward can get pinched. Now you've got even more incentive to hunt your lich down and kill 'em.
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