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  1. Base animation speed is fine, it should feel clunky as it's a bulky weapon. The damage buffs are appreciated.
  2. This isn't a rework, it's whole new weapon and belongs in Fan Concepts.
  3. The Kuva Ogris having as much grunt as it does per projectile, I'd adore it having the Diplo's special firemode. In fact, I'd like that firemode on the Ogris infinitely more than I do on the Diplos.
  4. Nevermind, thought this was in a different forum.
  5. Titania with Gloom and the Razorwing Blitz augment makes mince of the Hemocytes. Just learn your range on Gloom and duck into range as soon as a targeted head opens, kill it, then slip back out (or around to another head if a second one is open). Doesn't do much for the container, though. Could do most of the same with a good beam or auto with Loki and have the benefit of Switch Teleport, though chances are your Loki won't have the polarities to jack up power strength on Gloom and giving up range to keep Gloom's radius manageable is probably a bit self-defeating if you're using Switch Teleport to speed the progress of the drone.
  6. I can't speak much to damage of it as I haven't put it to much, so take this bit with a grain of salt, but I've been finding it feels mediocre on that front as a Banshee running high strength+neutral range, Savage Silence, and Gloom (which thanks to the slow extends the vulnerability window for Savage Silence substantially). It kills 'em, but it never feels like it has much oompf in doing so. The bigger thing to me, anyways, is the combo build-up which seems way out of wack with its attack speed. Short of Ensaring a wave or so of enemies and spinning on them a bunch of times, it really takes an age to build up, and feels worse still to try and maintain a combo multiplier with. It does a great job of feeling like a big, bulky weapon and the stance works pretty well to that affect, but the short range and lack of payoff on attacks don't feel great.
  7. The game needs a substantial rebalance and that, by necessity, will include nerfs. End of.
  8. Doesn't seem necessary as the weapon's already plenty powerful in its own right.
  9. Not sure I need the enhanced weapon comparison chart, but listing range on beams is about as critical as knowing where drop off is on a shotgun or the baseline reach of whatever stick you're swinging around is, so I'll also throw in my vote for getting it added to the UI.
  10. If you have a really strong damage buff, K. Quartakk is the winner for flexibility and firepower out of all three. You get a decently powerful full auto mode with great ammo depth for chewing up trash when not ADS'ing, and then can just ADS to deal overwhelming burst damage to tough targets without needing to mess with a fire selector first. K. Karak wins out in ease of use. You're just gonna shoot people in the face a lot, that's your whole gameplan. Treat it like the assault rifle/SMG hybrid it is and be prepared to need to use a fair few bullets to kill non-paper enemies. It's light on recoil, and is gonna feel light on damage against late-game Steel Path armored enemies if you're not doing something to get their armor out of the way. I find K. Hind to be more fiddly than the return is worth, liking none of its individual firemodes enough to warrant playing with or toggling between.
  11. Baza P and Kuva Karak are already pretty decent for SP, make sure you funnel enemies, include punch-through, and use a 'frame with serious damage amplification. Throw in armor shredding powers if you're up against the Grineer. That said, if you're goal is to bring them up to snuff with something like Kuva Zarr, the answer is you cannot and will not. Ever. You're comparing a nuclear weapon to an M16/Ak47 and asking "How can I make the rifles as good at killing cities?"
  12. I mean, there is definitely a visual effect for it, but I could see how it'd be hard to pick out in the morass of particles the game can become. I usually just make sure to prevent him from ever being able to cast anything in the first place, same as every acolyte, since none of them spawn with their powers active, by making sure Silence is active. If I have Ensare and Sonic Fracture I just tied him up and punt him into the nearest wall sans armor and waste him, otherwise it's likely I'll have Gloom and which point I've got all the time in the world to zero a weakspot and shoot him or take him out with whatever melee weapon I happen to be using at the time.
  13. Ah, so it's a solution in search of a problem. Understood.
  14. Corinth's grenades work as intended. They've always failed safe and only detonated after a fixed amount of time in flight, with their detonation point changing based on projectile velocity. Corinth Prime's have always, and continue to, require manual detonation while otherwise not detonating on impact.
  15. AA-12 with space magicked FRAG-12 ammunition, basically.
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