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  1. Just don't do the inputs for the gap closers. Or, and I know this concept is probably a bit above your MR, just use a gun.
  2. Posts in the section of the forums dedicated specifically to bug hunting and fixing on the heels of a massive, complex update. Whines that the devs don't care about bugs. Why are you even here? Just to devbash because everything can't be fixed with a wave of their hand?
  3. Nah, Maiming Strike should be left alone. It's there if you want even more crit. Well, okay, you can have maiming strike buffed but it adds a stagger on to the end of your slide attack and while staggered you're stripped of all damage resistance from all sources. Also tonfas were always bad for slide attacks for the exact same reason sniper rifles are generally bad for anything that isn't Eidolons or Disruption missions.
  4. He's not a dragon, it's a dragon hunter. He skins them for fun, wears their pelts for fashion, and forces them to fight at his command because he's just that powerful.
  5. I have not had a Kuva larvaling spawn while playing solo missions at all. Only appears when in Open play.
  6. Mach Rush Augment: Allows Omni-directional dashing while aiming down sights and/or Mach Dash leaves after images that distract enemies for a short amount of time. If it's just the movement it should be an exilus option, if you include the afterimages then it'll need to be a normal augment. I am 100% against endless Redline. Gauss is hardly up S#&$ creek between uses of Redline.
  7. Her 1's dash should remain (probably as what happens when you bullet jump in hover mode) and just put you into wallgrab when you strike a wall with the dash and return full control to you while allowing you to launch again with your 1 for no/greatly reduced casting cost. Hover stinks, Birbframe_Prime above covers everything there is to say otherwise. Divebomb should remain as a melee lift skill with a mild vacuum effect. Airburst should be a skill that gives her a reason to get in close with enemies, imo. Something that makes her risk close combat. Maybe it could make short-range wind lashes come off of enemies to strike surrounding foes when they're struck in melee. The better her flying capability the more Turbulence is gonna need to be nerfed to compensate. As it is, it's already trivial to play keep away to the point of never being in any sort of danger.
  8. It's fine as it is. You can just not take the inferior weapon, y'know? It's not that hard. Just read the screen. You'll figure it out.
  9. Yeah, don't worry, I'm sure DE will definitely weigh you and the three or so other people who're disappointed fairly against the vast majority of the playerbase that isn't affected by this and the constant looming spectre of being regulated by governments for predatory practices by the free-to-play game space.
  10. Despite using a 100% status chance (before multishot) build, the Twin Rogga pistols are not applying status chance at close range. When you move back a fair ways, to where their damage drop off kicks in, they start applying status procs as expected. This occurs both as client and host/solo and is reproduced by using the pistols in any mission with 4 60/60 elemental/status chance mods. [EDIT] Restarting the client seems to have cleared the issue up.
  11. No, hated pressing and holding to go into a Heavy attack. The new input is much better.
  12. Sleep Arrow. It renders you invisible to enemies without requiring invisibility. Tends to tie you to Artermis Bow, though.
  13. Yes. Absolutely. 100% agreed with the OP's suggestions.
  14. Would definitely be down for that change. 100% would prefer the stun, but I wouldn't say no to a knockdown. Would go really nicely with something like the Sancti Castanas. Knock 'em down, peel their armor, and detonate the bombs as you move on to the next group.
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