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  1. You struck its starboard engine, which ate the hit as they're destructible. I know the vfx complicate it a bit, but try and keep your point of aim in the forward third of the ship so you get a definite hull strike and you won't have that happen.
  2. I mean, if you want a really extreme example, compare a tanked up Nidus with 100 stacks of mutation (that's around 6 auto revives if memory serves) standing on his healing rug to a Banshee. Any amount of damage that would make the Nidus go "Hmm, that's something to be concerned about" would kill a Banshee so fast there wouldn't even be a vapor trail left. Enemies don't lack damage as it is (at least not once they're around 100+), as you state they're facing a scope where their damage is wildly inconsistent in value. Reigning in player durability by cutting down on the effectiveness of EHP boosters is a far better place to go than beefing up enemy damage output.
  3. Gotta agree with this. Any perceived lack of lethality our foe possess has much more to do with the wide availability of *incredibly* powerful EHP boosters than it does anything enemies chuck at us. If you compare Banshee, arguably one of the squishiest frames in the game accounting for her defensive skills, and them compare to the opposite end of the spectrum like say, Nidus, you get a gulf in survivability where what is a surmountable-yet-deadly threat to Banshee in terms of damage is not even remotely in danger of threatening the health pool of Nidus (expecially a Nidus at 100 stacks and linked to an enemy and standing on their carpet) while the kind of damage that would at least give that very same Nidus pause evaporates Banshee without so much as vapors being left behind.
  4. We definitely have a tank meta, lol, how #*!%in' high are you? If anything more frames need to be closer to Banshee in durability and available damage resistance needs to be capped to around 50% except in very rare circumstances.
  5. Zekti Cryophons for wing guns and Zekti Photor for nose gun are decent, though Carcinox is probably better. Just tell your gunners not to be shy with the missiles.
  6. Boarding enemy crewships and taking out the reactor should cause them to take 60 seconds to meltdown, not 20. Also, other Crewships should be able to move to exploding crewships and provide a boarding party that can get the ship back under control and cancel the destruction. Forward Artillery should be left as it is.
  7. Mk 3 Vidar reactor is definitely a nice to have item more than it is necessary. Sigma Mk III reactor is definitely hitting that minimum viable gear place with room to spare for Veil Proxima. The anomaly rush would be fixed by rewards from the crate not being visible until the mission complete screen like other container-based rewards, as this exact thing has happened before. Railjack is an island, one under current development. Development which has just picked back up one week after the devs returned from break. This whole accusation of silence holds no water. Further, as far as what further changes are take place, bug fixing has to happen to provide a clearer picture of what is and isn't working. The only ones panicking are self-important children who can't be bothered to take a deep breath and let things develop.
  8. They need to make the Crewship Grineer tougher, not squishier as they're still too squishy as it is. They also need to fix the Gokstad Crew Officers being immune to armor shred. They're squishy, too, but mostly because slash procs eat them right up.
  9. Nah, the railjack has 4 seats for 4 players, the pilot and the engineer should coordinate to manage the big gun. If the two can't work together for whatever reason, you're just gonna have to make due. That said, the artillery position could use a much higher maximum magnification with multiple, stepped-levels of zoom.
  10. I know this is kinda high concept for you, but reading something doesn't require replying.
  11. That's not buggy, that's bad aim. The engines are discrete hitboxes and don't have full damage transfer when hit.
  12. Sabah gives vibes of having popped out of a "What if Argonak, but 75% more machine gun 25% less baguette" crash development program. Base stats seem fine for a starter/middling-to-low-MR variant and leaves room for a crit-focused prisma or wraith variant down the road. Would absolutely love to have it for my Banshee, since slash procs don't really mean much with you have a 12-to-the-power-of-lol damage multiplier that doesn't do anything for the magnitude of the procs you apply and ammo economy is just something that really will never matter.
  13. Honestly, if you're sitting on Artillery, you should also be the person doing the engineer task, 'cause at most you're gonna fire the gun 6 times over the course of the mission (assuming you have the max rank Zekti Forward Artillery avionic and a Rhino to buff the gun's damage). 1 Pilot, 2 gunners, 1 Eng/Float. Pretty nice to have number 4 out on an Amesha slowing up fighters, too.
  14. They're more neat than necessary. They're not a req for any content in the game. Even the so called "God Rivens" that really just exist to separate fools from their plat and serve as catnip to prey on people inclined to gambling addiction don't make much, if any, practical difference within the game's intended range of content. IE, you aren't gonna need them for Proft-Taker, you aren't gonna need them to capture all 3 eidolons in one night, you aren't going to need them to do hunt a lich, you don't need them for arbitrations, you don't need them for Elite Sanctuary onslaught, and you don't need them for any currently released railjack content. They do increase your margins though, and can be nice to have for a gun or two you take a liking to that isn't especially popular or powerful.
  15. Nice, glad the devs were able to follow through on players actually having to make decisions about what they do and don't want, and where to shave points for a mod they want more of. Sigma 3 reactor is definitely all you need for soloing veil, anything over +50 avionics is just icing on the cake.
  16. He has 1 power, maybe 2 if you're feelin' like being flashy. His 1 and 4 are laughing stocks and rightly so. His passive would work much better integrated into his kit rather than a decision made at the fashion frame screen.
  17. Wouldn't be surprised if rage mod incorporated a way to break sentient adaptation.
  18. Augment works pretty great with Hunter Munitions and headshots are about the easiest thing in the world to get with a 'frame that immobilizes enemies for easy headshots. Mostly just sounds like a case of user error, tbh.
  19. Yeah, they really need to cap Avionics at 50 so folks really have to pick and choose what they want to keep, and should go back and do the same with mods for weapons and Warframes.
  20. Sigma Mk III engines are currently bugged and not providing a baseline speed boost. Boost multiplier does, however, work.
  21. You can always just have someone go out on Amesha and soften up the Crewship a bit before popping it. With a mid rank one, you only need it down to around half health. With as fast as railjacks become, you can just ignore them while dealing with the fighters. Railjacks need to have their energy only refillable from building energy at the forges and should not be able to fill up from energy pick ups.
  22. When Kosma Elite Lancers start firing and are struck by a melee attack, despite being staggered they will continue to fire with excellent accuracy.
  23. I just run them down with the Railjack most of the time as it's far faster than any of the fighters or archwings. Haven't had any trouble keeping up with them on Itzal or Odanata, either, though it does require judicious use of teleport which takes the place of boost in other games. Elytron, too, though it's really too squishy to be particularly good for Railjack at the moment and its powers are by far the worst of all archwings for it. Also, you should look into Phaedra for eating up fighters if you can get your hands on 60/60 mods. Set it up with Radiation+Cold, and watch it just shred things thanks to the way puncture procs work in Railjack (a corrosive proc that's also a stackable mini viral proc? Yes, please!). The odd cold proc will take care of any other CC effects one might need. Grattler kinda works too, but the self-damage component and short range make it pretty risky if you over shoot your target range when you close with your enemy.
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