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  1. Help me finish all the research and qualify to join a good alliance by having near 10 active members. Looking for strong alliance with chat moderation (family etc. all ages, all biases)
  2. nah, just make it an option, you can choose to revert back to '2.0' mode yourself, or '1.9' or whatever what i mean is that more options are always better than less options things have been getting worse with the advent of cell phones, smart phones; now all internet has to be for those stupid small screens instead of desktop computer, just pathetic same thing with video game, the mentality of the stupid 'smart' phone takes over and everyone thinks it should just be the one press 'easy button', like how the apple always has the stupid one button design. . at any rate, /agree please give us the option to do things OUR way; i too want to be able to select melee only, or rifle only, so just have that AND a 'both' option, you already have the old code for it stored away somewhere
  3. hello, i am down to alliance with you clan: def cult (ghost)
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