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  1. Some problems: -Heavy weapons don't get affinity from team kills. -Heavy weapons just 'feel' heavy (movement restrictions), but don't actually do that much damage. -Everything is tied to the new systems and there is no reliable (even slightly fun) way to get them. -Grofit Baker has no rewards*. -Bopit Maker being immune to everything (shield strip, armor strip) you might consider using (apart from flat +50000% damage buffs) is CHEATING. It's on the same level as cutscene bullS#&$, like defeating a boss, but in the cutscene he just gets up and stabs you in the eye because f*** you. --- I don't like chroma. F*** me right? -'Sent flying' should be a part of the knockdown 'status'. It's super annoying getting thrown around even though you're supposed to be immune to such things. -Froppit Caker's missiles will target stealthed frames even before she?/it has any way of knowing they're there. -Eidolons are totally sentient and PT is somewhat sentient and STILL the sentient-killing UBERBLADE does nothing interesting to them. -OV-exclusive enemies' HP-scaling is still broken (takes less heavy weapon fire to kill Orb Boss, than to kill one kreska dude). -Can't we just infiltrate and disable the shield satellite? You know, like we do to all those beast warships? OR, crash it into the Nef statue. -LD has S#&$ plans. I mean even Ordis could probably do better. *nothing worthwhile anyway...
  2. Alternative sources of ContentGate Systems 1 2 and 3, when?
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