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  1. Been having issues with the Launcher loading up then disappearing. I can usually reopen the launcher and it works as planned. Not sure what's going on, but this started on the Chimera update. If there is an update, it will update then disappear and not reopen, before it would always reopen.
  2. SluggoV2

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    and please fix the foggy-hard to read text in the chat room attendance list... very hard to read.
  3. SluggoV2

    Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.11.0

    Still can't access PoE bounties.. get stuck between gates/door and have to go back to Liset to get out.
  4. SluggoV2

    New Contest: Caption That Moframe!

    image fail... If only my image posting skills were as macho as my 'stache Heheheheeee... So... Mirage... free moustache rides back at the Liset... Eeeeeeekkkkkkk!
  5. SluggoV2

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #92!

    Here's hope to seeing more warframes that look like this ^^ Too much dangle... too much shoulder... not enough humanoid-esque appearance.... and let's not forget sexiness.....
  6. SluggoV2

    Coming Soon: Devstream #61!

    [DE]al < I see what you did there .... :P
  7. SluggoV2

    Update 17.2

    ^This^ ^THis^ ^THIs^ ^THIS^
  8. SluggoV2

    Hotfix 16.9.1 +

    -Optimizes physics task framework for dual-core systems using multi-threaded rendering. maybe this will fix my crashing issues
  9. SluggoV2

    New Contest: The Flawless Spies!

    Here's an idea, you guys that want to do it solo need to join up and do it as a squad... problem solved. the fourth will have to go with someone, as there is typically a door that will require the two of you to open. edit: guess you brainiacs got it figured out since page 2 :) best of luck Tenno!
  10. SluggoV2

    Hotfix 16.0.2

    while we're in dreamland... give me back my Brakk as it was given to me... w/ BEAST mode ON! Damn I miss that. Used it on solo'ing... loved it when I wanted to just rek! actually the nerf/adjustments just make me find new ways to play
  11. SluggoV2

    Psa: Update 16 Deployment Status
  12. SluggoV2

    January 30Th: Community Hot Topics!

    Here's to the hope of seeing more things brought out of the void and into regular missions. It's not really the Void that is the issue, it's grouping. Grouping needs some help. We should have some sort of group mechanic added. "LFG" in chat just isn't it. Most MMO have some sort of grouping mechanic which can make farming for what you want much easier. Keyed/RNG walls are OK, but to those not able to participate in the initial rush to acquire those items will be at a huge disadvantage. Test this by trying to farm Mesa or Limbo (and Hydroid before Hek was moved) a few weeks after it's release.
  13. SluggoV2

    Hotfix 15.13.8

    Crossfire Time! Anyone else getting larger than normal text at the bottom of the text window? Been getting this over the last two or three HotFixes...
  14. SluggoV2

    Excalibur Prime Buff In Line With Other Primes

    ??? ummm...think you may want to actually read my post...
  15. Unlike the helms, you will not have to buy colors, you get a free palet (with limited colors) which will more than likely cover all the bases. I like the idea...