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  1. Heavy slam attacks do not take 2 seconds to execute, and you can roll (which reduces damage taken) directly after landing. Also lifts nearby enemies into the air. Tbh umbra is tanky enough already considering the umbra mods are pretty powerful in a trio. For everything else you can just radial blind them.
  2. Try a heavy slam attack and tell me life strike is dead, heavy attack in the air. Sure there's no exalted waves from it but oh well.
  3. Could you put in any less effort to try things? Most stances have a moving combo, a stationary E combo, and ones while blocking+moving or stationary+blocking. Stationary stance combos typically do a crap ton of damage if you really need to kill that level 200 corrupted heavy gunner that you won't actually find in a normal mission. Even though heavy blades didn't get as much of a buff, they still have really strong stances (especially stationary ones). Trash mobs level 100 and below will get one shot by everything anyway. Not all stances have a bunch of different combos though, for example shimmering blight only has one other combo, just look at your stance combo list.
  4. Agreed. The requiem investigation part is easily the worst aspect as well. Doing 25+ star chart missions, along with all the other stuff is a bit overkill, considering all you're going to get is a mastery fodder weapon at the end of it. Then you need to re-farm the relics+requiem mods over and over again, god forbid if you're even missing one mod, because you're probably going to need that specific one you're missing each time, while you get duplicates of others you may not need for a while.
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