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  1. There is a glitch which allows more than 4 Tenno to be in a squad at once. It has happened to me twice and both times it was an issue with host migration while on a public squad. I don't know of any way to trigger this bug manually, but it's out there. Maybe someday you'll get lucky.

  2. I'll start by saying- bosses as a whole make no sense. How we continue to kill the same people over and over could often be explained as cloning for grineer or different entities in the same form for infested, even the Sergeant on mars could be a different guy taking that role every time (far fetched that one is). But a lot of them can't be explained in any way regardless. That being said- Jupiter originally had infestation (old J-3 Golem). I think Alad V was infested near-death after we left him to die bleeding out or w/e.

    I like the boss fight model in which the boss doesn't actually die in the end, like Vay Hek (who just flies away in his turkey suit), and Corrupted Vor (who is apparently an immortal being now because of his Janus key). Even if killing the boss just made a midget or something jump out of the suit and run away, it would still make more sense than it does now. 

  3. I personally love Hydroid. It's an underrated frame with a lot of CC/Utility power,especially after the changes to his 1 and 4. Definitely one of the harder frames to mod and use properly, Hydroid needs more attention and is worthy of a prime.

  4. To be fair, it isn't exactly beneficial to a productive conversational locale.


    Or something.

    Intentionally baiting other users into getting kicked is a kickable offense. I only answered because I didn't think it would result in a kick, but hey, it did.


    It was only an hour-long chat ban, but still. Don't do it again. And yes, I know you weren't the one who did it. Just a general statement.


    Purposely baiting people into getting kicked = bad.

    I consider it an experiment. I now have my information, the test shall not be repeated.
  5. Here's how it happened:


    So there I was, chatting it up in Region (as I often do when not in a mission) with my fellow Tenno, when the topic of kickbots came up. One of the Guides of the Lotus was involved in the conversation, so it wasn't long before someone questioned what would happen if a Moderator were to violate the rules of chat in a way which would result in kicking.


    I was soon thereafter praised by other players and I felt very proud of myself, although I did feel bad for the Guide who was kicked because of my stupid antics. It wasn't a full minute before the chat ceased to update, and when I logged in again, I was greeted with a message saying my access to the channel has been suspended.


    On a side note, does anyone have any idea how long this sort of suspension might last? I have to say, I don't think I can go very long without Region Chat in my life ;)

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