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  1. Riven trade sub-chat

    I was just about to make my own thread about this when I saw yours so here is a bump with my 2 cents. All I want for my chat filter is for "NOT riven" to include the word "riven" as well as any riven linked in the [brackets] as well. Otherwise I have to filter out literally every weapon in the game & I am not sure if the chat filter can even hold that many options. And I know I don't want to waste my time adding all of that to my filter.
  2. Trade Complete

    Trade complete.
  3. Accidental sale of item improvement

    With how much is in place right now, if you get scammed you have no right to complain. It is all your fault. Your idea is horribly exploitable. Imagine if you went to a restaurant, ate your meal & paid & left. Then decided to come back within 24 hours to get a refund. It just doesn't work like that. This is not some online store order you can cancel if you need to, this is trading with real people in real time.
  4. Idea about the plains

    Duh. That doesn't matter. If you ACTUALLY read what I was saying you would know that a dropship is too small to have archwing content inside of. Dropships would be the size of the one that drops the Ambulas onto Corpus maps. You can't fly an archwing in it because it is so small. Maybe if you bothered to read it you would understand why you are wrong & how your idea can't work beyond just shooting a ship down. Get off your high horse.
  5. A few random ideas

    You can already do this. Maybe try playing in the appearance section of the arsenal a bit more before yelling about how we need something we already have.
  6. Idea about the plains

    Did any thought at all go into your statement or did you just spew out the first excuse to keep your idea that you could? Your idea of taking down dropships that fly around for loot is alright, but the archwing inside part is just BS. You are comparing a possible ingame ship to a real life space ship that, while large, would not be fit to put archwing content inside. Archwing levels are multiple kilometers long. A real life space shuttle is only about 60-ish meters. I would say the average archwing ship level is about 3-5 kilometers. That puts your tiny dropship at 0.02-0.012% of a mission's size. Archwings can fly around a solid 100-ish meters per second as well so you would be in & out of these dropships so damn fast that if you blink, you would miss it. So yes to using your archwings to fly around & shoot down the ships for loot, but hell no to flying inside. You just can't have that without, as @peterc3said, the ship being far too large to be a standard air to ground dropship.
  7. Rivens for Exalted weapons

    That will work.
  8. Rivens for Exalted weapons

    People need to realize that just because Excalibur's 4 is called Exalted Blade, doesn't mean any similar power to that (Valkyr's Hysteria, Mesa's Peacemakers, Ivara's Artemis Bow) is also "exalted." Calling them something like "summon-able weapons" or "energy weapons" would make more sense than lumping them together based on just 1 name. We don't call those types of weapons "Artemis weapons" just because Ivara has an Artemis Bow or "Hysteria weapons" because of Valkyr. DE really should just give them an official name at this point.
  9. Fashionframe Request: Oberon Shoulder Armor

    Why can't we use Oberon's shoulders on Oberon Prime? I want my Oberon Prime to look like my Oberon where I have tree branches on my shoulders. Also while at it, let Banshee Prime be able to use Banshee's left shoulder. Frost & Volt are the only ones that get a shoulder upgrade & that is not fair. Really wish when a post gets moved/merged with another that we would get a notification.
  10. The Star Chart needs to be fixed.

    As as soon as possible as possible? Did you have a stroke while writing this?
  11. Reset

    Why would anyone want to restart, ever? No matter what you do, you will end up having everything in the end. Restarting for a new warframe rather than going to a boss & getting it or at least buying it from the market is idiotic beyond belief.
  12. New Ambulus quest and solo player dojos

    If you are solo in a clan, why bother upgrading above ghost? If you do that you make it harder on yourself by needing more resources for building & research as well as needing more during events. The only reason I can see is having the barracks rooms that do nothing. Complaining about something fine that DE did just because you can't think ahead is just idiotic.
  13. Can we get a Bundle discount for owned items already?

    Everyone saying "contact support" when this should just be a feature. Steam does this so it would not be that hard to do for Warframe. Example found on Reddit:
  14. Chat Bot Upgrade For Events

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Clans can't recruit any new members during events, right? If this is the case, give the chat bot(s) an upgrade for events where anyone mentioning clans such as "looking for clan" or "{clan name} is recruiting" get removed or have it send them a message saying they can't join/recruit at this time.