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  1. Fix this:
  2. This would help a ton. I get why they made it so you can't, but having the option to have more out with that area around you would be nice. Yes. They had a captura room that was from the Lua tileset, but didn't release it yet for what ever reason. The Silver Grove Titania shrine was not released either. My ideas/additions Make the dumb grain turned off by default. Release the maps shown from the devstream (Lua & grove shrine). An option to invite up to X amount of people in for a group photo or really great team action shots. Better field of view. It is way too shallow. It is like being stuck with a broken 70mm+ lens & unable to change it to get the right shot. Be able to rewind time as well in case you miss the shot you wanted.
  3. A central command room is basically what ever room you spawn in normally. Normally clans put everything important there such as the trade post, treasury, & labs. I did like you mentioning a Cephalon. I added onto it & put it into my main post. Everyone knows about the operators. It is hardly a spoiler at all. To not be spoiled by this you would have to not go on the forums, not look in any chat other than trade & recruiting, not have played when the loading screen when starting the game had the operator right in the center of it, & not play with anyone above 5 mastery.
  4. Please fix this:
  5. Chat boxes for bosses & Ordis show up near the middle of the screen for me now. Resolution 21:9. UI scaling options are untouched.
  6. Just because it bugs you doesn't mean it is a bug. You should have posted here:
  7. Fix this already:
  8. If you hold 5 to use your focus ability while in the rift such as Limbo using a huge cataclysm within a mile of you, all your focus powers will only work while in the rift. Example: If you use your focus to get energy regeneration & this happens, you can only get your 1/2/3/4 energy per second while in the rift. Using your focus again outside of the rift will make it so it works normally.
  9. 1: When you leave Chroma idle with his animations creating fire, the lighting effects around him stay. The lighting can also progressively get brighter with each animation until reaching it's max brightness or be at max brightness with the first animation cycle. 2: While viewing Chroma in his noble stance from the front as shown bellow, the Pyra Syandana's fire FX flicker.
  10. We are not Mormons. We don't need magical underwear. If it turns out that the operator's clothes need to be special to go along with their powers then I am sure DE can just give us a way to make them that way if they don't come that way. Throw them into the foundry, maybe that tanning bed in the back of the Helminth room, or we have to blast them with void energy. 3 ideas of how to make this work while you have nothing but attitude for it. You are trying to shove this idea down a hole & say that it can't happen rather than finding a solution to the problems you are presenting so that it can happen. Stop being a little pessimistic brat & think for a moment. It is not that hard to do.
  11. Bumping this because this NEEDS to be fixed. I have had to deal with more trolls in the last few hours than I have in the last few years. I am now carrying my Zarr into all mobile defense missions so I have a 100% way to kill my self when this garbage happens because I don't abort.
  12. @redeyedtreefrog
  13. Or it could be different because of this:
  14. Suda has the Synoid Simulor, Gammacor, & Heliocor. Simaris only has the Simulor & Heliocor. It would just be fitting to add it.
  15. Did you even read passed that part?