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  1. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.3+

    Please fix this already:
  2. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.4

    Fix this:
  3. Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.2

    Please fix this:
  4. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.1

    Fix this already:
  5. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.1.1

    Still no fix for this?
  6. When the host of a mobile defense mission decides to be a little pathetic coward & run away causing host migration while everyone is defending a point, the mission breaks. Enemies stop spawning or at least 99% do, the timer & health of your defense point goes away, & your datamass is eaten. Because the time stops, any enemies that remain don't bother to come & fight you since you are no longer at a point of interest. The only way to "finish" the mission at this point is to either die like a man or abort like a cry baby.
  7. Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.7

    When will this be fixed?
  8. Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.6

    Still no fix for this?
  9. octavia's anthem is too difficault

    Lets just nerf the whole game. Everything dies in 1 shot no mater what weapon you are using. No need for mods any more either. You only need 1 point of affinity to level an item to 30. The whole star chart is open from the beginning. Everyone is now immortal just in case they STILL can't kill anything. People who complain that something in Warframe is hard are the same people that beg for taxis to everything. They can't be bothered to play & have any skill so they get someone else to do it for them. Or in this case, they try to get the developers to coat everything in bubble wrap so little Timmy doesn't get hurt. Timmy needs to get hurt to learn what not to do next time. People don't seem to get that you can & most likely will fail at least once on something, but you look at the bad parts, pull up your big boy pants & get to work & get back at it better than before.
  10. octavia's anthem is too difficault

    I did the whole thing solo with ease. The quest is perfect & just because it is too hard for you, doesn't mean it needs to be nerfed for the baby weapons. I was using Tigris Prime with tons of damage & no Rivens. I was killing them in 1 shot. If it is too hard for you, go get better gear then go again. Don't cry that it is too hard for you when it is super easy for those of us that actually have gear for high end fights.
  11. Clan & Dojo 3.0 Ideas, Suggestions & Changes

    Bruh check my Soundcloud: Some of my ideas in my own thread. Maybe they can serve better here as well.
  12. This is the worst update to the game that I have seen. It is actually the only update I have come to hate or dislike in the slightest. You did not create "richer colors, deeper blacks and a wider gamut." you created melted, saturated plastic and limited the color variety. The Kubrows look fine as far as I can tell, but the warframes and sentinals need to be put back the way they were. This is my Hydriod in full Classic after this update. This is my Hydroid in full Gamma with the exact same colors selected. Gamma did nothing but put the yellow closer to what it used to be. Now lets see how bad all my other warframes got messed up because you thought there was a problem to change when there was not. Too dark now. Too bright now. At least half my warframes are now orange when they should not be. The one time I want orange and I get it closer to red... The black on my Nova's arms and legs should be the same grey as the shoes and gloves, but now that is messed up. Why is my Oberon now black and shiny rather than the nice brown I had him at? My Rhino's helm did match the armour. I wonder what happened... Darker and orange. Yellow skin and black legs? It was peach skin and red legs. Over saturated. Even my sentinals went down the drain in quality. Orange just like my warframes. Darker and more bland. I take pride in my look when ever there is options to customize and now it is ruined. I would have shown more, but these were the only warframes and sentinals that got the biggest hit. My other ones seem to be fine or at least stayed close to what they used to be. The only things I don't have are Loki Prime, Mirage, and Wyrm Prime, but if I did I am sure they would have gotten messed up just like the rest. I don't even want to finish my Mirage or Wyrm Prime that I am over half way done making because of this terrible update. The old colors had lots of variety and it was nice to pick out how I wanted to look. These new colors are just different bland and dark colors with little if any variety. The only light colors are so saturated that it makes me want to vomit. Either bring back the old colors and get rid of the new or bring back the old and keep the new. The second option would have a much longer color list in the appearance menu though. I really don't want to play the game now that all creativity is gone and replaced with overly dark colors or overly saturated colors. Side note: Fix the glitch where when I equip a different sentinal, the weapon auto changes to the stupid Burst Lazer.