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  1. Why can't we use Oberon's shoulders on Oberon Prime? I want my Oberon Prime to look like my Oberon where I have tree branches on my shoulders. Also while at it, let Banshee Prime be able to use Banshee's left shoulder. Frost & Volt are the only ones that get a shoulder upgrade & that is not fair. Really wish when a post gets moved/merged with another that we would get a notification.
  2. As as soon as possible as possible? Did you have a stroke while writing this?
  3. Why would anyone want to restart, ever? No matter what you do, you will end up having everything in the end. Restarting for a new warframe rather than going to a boss & getting it or at least buying it from the market is idiotic beyond belief.
  4. If you are solo in a clan, why bother upgrading above ghost? If you do that you make it harder on yourself by needing more resources for building & research as well as needing more during events. The only reason I can see is having the barracks rooms that do nothing. Complaining about something fine that DE did just because you can't think ahead is just idiotic.
  5. Everyone saying "contact support" when this should just be a feature. Steam does this so it would not be that hard to do for Warframe. Example found on Reddit:
  6. Please correct me if I am wrong. Clans can't recruit any new members during events, right? If this is the case, give the chat bot(s) an upgrade for events where anyone mentioning clans such as "looking for clan" or "{clan name} is recruiting" get removed or have it send them a message saying they can't join/recruit at this time.
  7. Not offended, just wondering how you misspelled something on the front page of the very website you are using.
  8. Please fix this already:
  9. When you learn how to spell "Ambulas" correctly.
  10. The bursts deal additional damage to everything within 25 meters which also blow open loot containers, they restore health, energy, or shields depending on the type of burst, & give 30 second buffs in other areas. So please tell me why they are so bad to you. Maybe actually suggest a way to improve them if they are that bad like I did instead of complaining like a pathetic child.
  11. Hi! Billy Mays here with another fantastic idea! Are you tired of using syndicate weapons only to have their burst AoEs go off when there is nothing around to take damage or kill?! Well now we need a toggle button in the options to make it a manual detonation with your middle mouse button! Fight until your AoE is full & save it for just the right time to maximize use! Just like the auto detonation now, this manual detonation can be used standing & even while downed! This simple, life changing addition could be yours for just 1 easy payment of supporting this thread for DE to see! Support this thread now & receive 2 AoE explosions for the price of 1! That's right! 2 for the price of 1! Support now! Nothing is worse than blowing your AoE before you get near anything. Right guys? Thank you to @LordMidnightX for the affinity screenshot I found on Google. If it was not you, sorry. It is hard to read those tiny, blurry names in the bottom left.
  12. Fix this:
  13. This would help a ton. I get why they made it so you can't, but having the option to have more out with that area around you would be nice. Yes. They had a captura room that was from the Lua tileset, but didn't release it yet for what ever reason. The Silver Grove Titania shrine was not released either. My ideas/additions Make the dumb grain turned off by default. Release the maps shown from the devstream (Lua & grove shrine). An option to invite up to X amount of people in for a group photo or really great team action shots. Better field of view. It is way too shallow. It is like being stuck with a broken 70mm+ lens & unable to change it to get the right shot. Be able to rewind time as well in case you miss the shot you wanted.