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  1. (XB1)Vik 6occ

    XB1 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 (+ hotfixes)

    Yo so when we gettin an AkBrakk
  2. (XB1)Vik 6occ

    Xb1: Ring Of Fire (18.3.1 + Hotfixes)

    Not to request a fix in an update thread but...the framerates do appear to be getting a bit slower recently. I thought it was just the tower tileset with its gaudy shine and many reflections, but even the corpus snow outpost is doing it and, as I understand it, that one's not graphically updated. (Unless that has nothing to do with it. In any case it still slows down.) Just to throw it out there.
  3. No one knows to relax around here. All serious, all the time. Quit playing mod-lite and chill. Who would ever want to get far around here? There's a million other forums with substantially fewer weebs. The game community is fine, the forum community, less. #MacheteMasterRace #Trump2016 Great job on the game DE, movement 2.0 is still bonerific. Can't wait for the ShoulderFrame.
  4. Daaaaamn at 19 posts isn't that kind of a black kettle moment? Besides isn't noobs just a term of endearment? Like, "I love my noobs." Love em so much I even take the time to tell them you can't put a cronus up for trade or which planet drops which resource or which enemy drops that mod you'll probably never get. I am, in fact, the hero you need.
  5. "In cert long enough" "Waiting all week" It's been 6 days since it was even announced. Get used to it noobs, it's a process and it's not getting done on your dime. Play MGS5, I want more people to fulton punch.
  6. (XB1)Vik 6occ

    XB1 & PS4: Tactical Alert Emergency Exit

    The PC players time of it should tip everyone off, do not in any way count on getting those mods. It is unlikely, to say the least.
  7. (XB1)Vik 6occ

    Xbox One: Seal Of Honoring Contest

    I'd say there's a clear platform divide in terms of graphic design skill..oi vey
  8. throwin my hat in the "disapproval" ring. It already wasn't great being delayed as long as we are. (Which was understandable given the update/scheduling/all that) But this downside was offset by knowing what was coming. Unless the next ones that prova vandal, I'm gonna be mildly bummed out. #endoftheworld