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  1. I would like to say something... again. Right now my computer is broken. Fixing is not worth the money, so I work hard to get a good gaming pc. Also I have problems with money at my current job so I save a lot, but still getting a new gaming machine will take a long time for me. Ofc I will take a look at all your requests but I do not know when I am able to buy a computer to fulfill requests. For now, please, ask Buff00n to make mandachord songs, he makes a great progress with that. If someone feels generous to help me with getting a new pc - my paypal is in the head of this topic's description, will appreciate that. I'm sorry if I disappointed anybody with this message.
  2. My laptop is dead and I cannot do anything :c
  3. Will take a look later, my computer is broken, collecting money for a new one.
  4. Hi guys. Well... Only one person helped me (twice), and my salary is not enough still. I guess Imma take a bank loan... I did not want it so badly... cuz, reasons... Anyway. Will be getting new laptop this week. See you soon on my channel! p.s. Amanda, thank you for your donation... again <3.
  5. Hi. I did not find a good crowdfunding. Bank customers service said i can use their card number... so... if anyone was willing to help me to get a new laptop asap, here is my mastercard number 5368 2900 0440 8342. Or you can have my paypal link: https://www.paypal.me/reborn666skull Also want to thank miss Amanda, who already donated 55$. Much thanks!!
  6. Can't do anything rn, laptop i played on is broken.
  7. Sadly, GoFundMe does not work with my country... any other offers? I am new to crowdfunding :c
  8. Thanks a lot, friend! Just learnt about the website, I will update my post when I can!
  9. Hi. I have bad news for everyone who likes my art. My laptop is broken and the price of its fixing is not worth it. I was going to buy a new laptop but I do not have enough money. I have serious problems in real life and my salary at my job is too small. I'm sorry but I can't say when I will be able to continue my work. I am not after the high graphics but for more wf content than just songs I need at least 800$ (i found a decent laptop with cpu i5 and videocard nvidia 1050). Please, do not laugh at me, here where I live is hard to earn. If somebody is willing to help, send me a private message, I will be very thankful. Thank you for reading this. Again, I am sorry...
  10. Soooooongs! Payday 2 - Alesso Heist Warframe OST - Sacrifice (sped up remake) Battletoads - Turbo Tunnel (NES game) HateBit - Chiptune Your Head (I Hate This Game OST) HateBit - Bricks (I Hate This Game OST) Destiny 2 - Watchtower Roomie - It's Muffin Time Rockwell ft. Michael Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me
  11. Hi. No, when you press LOAD you load the songs from your in-game list. If there was a bank with Mandachord songs, it would take too much space on DE servers.
  12. Too fast. I made it 0.75x speed. Or maybe make it 1.25x speed? They sound both bad 😄
  13. Oooh! that's the point! I will definitely put the link to Buff00n in my headings! thanks!
  14. I don't understand what you mean with 'link each other'... I linked the very first thread made by DE member for sharing the mandachord songs. it just became really large and uncomfortable with all those videos, so Buff00n made his own thread and I made my own. We don't work together, me and him make different mandachord videos and save links to them in our own threads.
  15. Even more songs: Rammstein - Du Hast Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night Nena - 99 Luftballoons
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