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  1. Is DE dead-set on making a simple feature like slotting ayatans into sculptures with one click mastery locked and are they going to do this for other stuff? I only ask as a Mastery Rank 23 player on account of my clanmates pretty much. A lot of them are lower rank than me and have just started their journey. The reason why I say this is locking a QoL change behind a MR Wall takes the life out of the change. People will still play, but if the trend continued. It would probably make new players hesitant on playing. And by saying this, I do think some things should have a mastery requirement like trading rivens or using them, weapons, etc. A few final notes, the game has been lacking substance for a long time and maybe it should be time to focus on something other than open world maps after Railjack. An example would be dark sectors/old pvp or raids. In saying this, I believe taking a way a feature is a horrible idea just because it has bugs. Raids should be mastery rank locked if they ever returns cause the whole idea of a raid is to go in there for a challenge which raids should also be. Dark Sector however shouldn't be mastery locked, and these are all just ideas but having pve and pvp in the same mode(Examples being Fallout 76 or Gambit from Destiny 2 for recent or upcoming titles) but also restricting gear like conclave would be very fun.
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