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  1. Ees ah witch. Quick see if she weighs as much as a duck to prove it. But as others have said, they arent really comparable based on just about every level of comparison.
  2. Is it obvious?!?!? The wolf is clem's long lost evil clone that is never mentioned until season six. He reveled himself to try replace clem and take over darvo's business. But he failed to realize that clem can see the future and saw his evil plan, so he modified his appearance into his lovably cute form he has today. Will wolf find a way around this predicament? Find out next time in Warframe: Clem Crisis.
  3. Wow, goes to show just how much killing we do. Over 14 billion crewmen killed in a year, and supposedly that is just to slow them down. Yes i would like another of these.
  4. I actually had a pretty easy time of it playing as mesa. Just build for duration and keep your damage resistance ability up. (Shatter shield i think?) Hold them off with your regular weapons as best you can and if they start to overwhelm you, jump off to the side a bit and peacekeeper the lot of them. The key with this set up is to just keep up the shield and only peacekeeper if you feel you need it. Edit: you still have to watch out for jackals they still chew you to pieces if you arent really careful.
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