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  1. Kiyomaru-EN-

    PC: Harrow Approaches....

    Seems like we are in the same time-zone... Where're you from? Anyways since we are in the same timezone that means... THIs... also true for me... GAH! Definitely not staying up any longer than 12am, 'cause I am also rather frazzled right now.
  2. Kiyomaru-EN-

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    You do realize that DE themselves never actually CONFIRMED the 9th of November as being the day they release TWW? PC Gamer might have just misunderstood something or just pulled the date out of the ether. What they did confirm is that it will be release THIS WEEK. And I think the only thing that could postpone this Update is a major server blowout.... Oh... I hope I haven't jinxed it...
  3. Kiyomaru-EN-

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    o yes rly. It's a safe bet that they have been the most annoyed with not being able to keep their promised deadlines and having to disappoint us again and again when they had to postpone the release of TWW to a later date. I mean c'mon! They are putting a lot of work in this Update and they are god damn eager to show us! That is why they hyped it up earlier than they should have had. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them have lost a lot of sleep over working on this Update and were devastated when they had to postpone it again and again. Anyways, I am 100% certain that TWW will drop either within the next 10 hours or tomorrow, a good chunk ahead of the stream so that we can enjoy it first, before watching the stream.
  4. Kiyomaru-EN-

    The War Within: Now a Tetralogy!

    Somewhen in November according to their latest statement.
  5. Kiyomaru-EN-

    Devstream #81 Overview.

    Honestly, a lot of people that have complained about the radiation sortie will disagree and say that the targeting was more of a problem, then the attack itself. What I mean is that both the targeting and the attack are a problem. With the rework they are adressing one of them, opening up the way to adress the other, besides, in a way you can determine yourself how long the attack animation lasts, kinda like with an automatic rifle, you can choose to go full auto, or to deliver just short bursts.
  6. Kiyomaru-EN-

    PC Update Status Thread: The Silver Grove U4

    I just can imagine it... You go into the boss room with a Titania wearing an Elytron as a Syandana and activate Razorwing, flying through the room, when Lephantis pops out, the heads are confused, where the hell is the Warframe? Suddenly, they spot you and a sense of dread fills them, then suddenly you pop out of Razorwing, still being kept aloft by the now active Elytron, weapons at the ready and the heads scream in Terror, immediately going into the next phase, but this time Lephantis FLEES from you crying like a oversized Infested Baby after it's equally oversized Infested Mother, only to trip, fall into a hole and die.
  7. Invite has been sent claim them - NOW - at your earliest convenience. Also, don't worry, afaik our clan isn't that competitive so, it doesn't matter if you're good or not. Just make sure that you are only semi-regularly.
  8. Invites have been sent. You are welcome to accept them - NOW - at your earliest convenience.
  9. Kiyomaru-EN-

    The Silver Grove: Hotfix 5

    Yes and no. Repeatable quest are not a thing, but since you can find the Silver Grove outside the quest in the earth tile set, you can just use the apothics to summon the specters and fight them.
  10. You will be invited once you have left your clan. For anyone wanting to join, please leave your clan before or immediately after you request to be invited. It makes it easier for us, to invite you^^.
  11. Clan-Invite has been sent. Please accept -NOW... At your earliest convenience, Operator.
  12. Hello Dear Sirs and Madams, I'd like to join your clan since my old one has pretty much died down in terms of cooperation and fun-factor. My ingame Name is Kiyomaru.