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  1. Thanks for the mod suggestions.
  2. No, I didn't have a dragon key on. This is my build (keep in mind it is quite rudimentary): --------------------------------------------------------------------- *everything is max rank or close to max rank* Vitality Hunter Adrenaline Flow Armored Agility Streamline Intensify Continuity Steel Fiber and Energy Siphon 450 armor 300 energy 4,400 HP -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry if I left too many details out, I was mostly just wondering if something changed. It seemed that I had the most trouble with 40+ Grineer and Corpus enemies, mostly the ones that do slash procs. Before I took my break I remember I would be able to make it through 40+ missions solo without having to continuously blind enemies to finish them for health. For all I know it could be that I just forgot how to be a good ninja and I just suck at the game. Thank you all for the build suggestions and tips, I will surely check them out when I get better mods.
  3. Okay, so I've taken a small hiatus (I stopped a bit the week Fortuna came out) and now that i'm back it seems that my Inaros is dying super quick, even to level 20 enemies. Before I took my break I was finally getting the hang of the game and I was actually doing level 50+ missions on my lonesome with Inaros or Rhino. Now when I solo it seems that every enemy can shred my health to bits. I don't have the best mods this game has to offer but 4400 health and 450 armor seemed to be enough to go through higher level missions without dying. I don't know if any changes have been made or anything but I was just curious to see if something happened to the game while I was gone.
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