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  1. THIS^^^^^^^ Exactly Id like to see a cost reduction even people who grinded the heck out of rj will soon feel the pain. lol
  2. I've got well over 8k hours i played since Loki was a starter Warframe and the amount of expensive railjack resources required doesn't justify a Veteran player's library of resources. Railjack is way too new to make the cost so high. Maybe 5% of the railjack community has enough to buy 8-10 subsumes.
  3. I agree i just went through over 200k Cryotic it doesn't feel good..
  4. i like this suggestion much more then anything anyone else offered so ill consider it for sure.
  5. i know but the rest seems fair considering i have over millions in the other pools but this one only due to the amount of RJ resources where as i can have enough nano spores, alloy plates, salvage, etc just maybe move one into bile? idk. The common resources all apply to everywhere else but that one. It makes the entire balance of the system seem alittle off. Aside that the system seems fine overall. Again ill just do argon i guess because i don't really wanna do railjack considering the lack of incentive there is since lich's don't exist there so no fun fights and it seems reaaalllyyy slow ga
  6. lets put it this way hahah i had 200k+ cryotic i now have 7k ill try using argon i guess until things change
  7. Veteran to the game or to railjack? Im mr29 im nto quite sure how one gets THAT much resources in railjack unless im missing some sort of trick?
  8. Compared to all of the other resource pools the Bile one seems to be the most costly only due to the majority of resources requiring Railjack resources it seems to be a common complaint. Railjack resources with a double drop are still not easy to acquire in the amount of quantity the helminth desires 15,000 copernics i barely have 12k and i am lvl 8 7 8 6 on intrinsic thats A LOT of time for something that will go away in one bite.
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