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  1. well thats the problem i have everything and yes i have arbitrations
  2. ok i cant figure it out i checked everything and i have all done
  3. ok thx for answer but i can remeber that at some point in time i have this 627 so what it just gave me 48 points of penalty??
  4. ok how is it that i have everything on solar map and yet my mastery points on that are 27,579 when accoring to wiki and a lot of people should be 27,627
  5. great thx for hotfix too bad that its mess things up like stuck in elavator after orb fight not able to leave or do anything
  6. well they gave us update and crash the servers in progres nice
  7. got similar problem here ive been to all caves but one is missing from my map and my achievment is stuck on 29/30 ok nevermind i somehow done it and unlocked the achievment
  8. same problem as above as always DE brings us the uptade by the cost of something else
  9. The portal to another conduct is taking waaaay to long to open just have a game on olny first zone we lost 20% efficiency before it open, and not enough enemies is spawning its very hard to maintain efficiencywhen there is nobody to kill
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