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  1. Doing Bode, Ceres, I noticed the extraction tile (the large open shipping yard one) clipping through to a dead-end tile blocking access to half of it. Looks like a bug in the procedural generation, where it's not ensuring enough empty space for one of these tiles.
  2. 3ventic

    Hyperion Thrusters

    Today I came across this mod in-game and it struck me as odd due to the relatively low boost to stats vs. its cost. Is taking up 20 capacity and setting me back 30k endo and 1.5 million credits to max it really balanced here? Comparing to its counter-part from the Warframe side, Rush gives a 30% boost to speed while costing 11 capacity, 620 endo and 30k credits. Comparing to other arch-wing mods, the similar-in-cost System Reroute and Primed Morphic Transformer, both give significantly bigger boosts to the respective statistics. It makes sense for the mod to not give a huge boost to flight speed, as arch-wings are already very fast, but the cost seems outrageous. What's with the huge cost here?
  3. 3ventic

    Analysis on Semi Rifles and Suggestions

    Looking at Tiberon Prime specifically, burst mode is just better for anything that doesn't die in one shot. Using semi you lose 1.38 fire rate, you lose 2% status chance, and for that you gain 2% critical chance and 0.4x critical damage.
  4. 3ventic

    Analysis on Semi Rifles and Suggestions

    MR8 is on the upper half of MR requirements (lowest at 0, highest at 14). If we were to base it on that alone, it should be an above-average weapon, no?
  5. 3ventic

    Dojo Speed Run Videos: Livestream Fun!

    It's a common assumption in the western web these days.. unfortunately.
  6. 3ventic

    Dojo Speed Run Videos: Livestream Fun!

    I'm not sure, but I'm very sure I can chat without facebook connection and that is the intended behavior. Twitch helpdesk could help.
  7. 3ventic

    Dojo Speed Run Videos: Livestream Fun!

    Incorrect. My account is not linked to facebook and I can chat just fine.
  8. 3ventic

    Dojo Speed Run Videos: Livestream Fun!

    You can register a twitch account without facebook. Facebook account is not required.
  9. 3ventic

    Update 8 Related Work

    You forgot *****OPTIONAL****** ACCOUNT RESET
  10. 3ventic

    Update 7.8.1

    I love you for the mod UI improvements! A huge thanks!