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  1. Been having the same exact issue since yesterday... I just had updated my graphic card drivers, and now it won't even load to the login screen, just a black screen with the benchmark shown on the bottom left (where I use them to check performance) stuck to 0 and then crash and immediately send me to the infamous "hardware failure" page. EDIT: guys I solved the issue... what I had to do was to get in the control panel of my screen, then from the 3d settings deactivate all the settings I had for WF, then I re-optimized the game (I run a Nvidia, so I have the geforce Xperience programe to do that) and the game worked fine. Try that if you can...
  2. I really appreaciate the removal of self damage, but the falloff is really excessive... Bring it to a 50% or something around that please, 90% is overly punishing for the entire category of projectile weapons with added area of effect.
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