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  1. With that cost I just don't want to farm aura formas
  2. Nekros + hydroid + ivara + a power booster for hydroid like rhino.
  3. I agree this is boring. Though it is not the right section to discuss about it. Best thing to do is to programm a hotkey.
  4. What's the point of be able to shoot while in K-drive ? We don't give a damn, we're here so slide and trick. Idk.
  5. Lags can come from different origins.
  6. You need at least 1Go video RAM, maybe 2 for Orb Vallis. Four years ago you could play with 512mb but now you'll just get unplayable lags.
  7. You now can see the bottom of the lake mate 😛
  8. Add a super jump that can cross multiple dozen of meters in a few seconds
  9. Zephyr does the work too, very well. But you have to take her.
  10. At least they think about it and maybe we'll have an aweome weapon soon !
  11. Alright, so I have to always have my adarza with me. Super ! 🙂 Same answer with Revenant.
  12. You're right I didn't think about it. I'll try.
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