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  1. So since when were we farming toroids with excrecrable conditions ? 😮
  2. With that cost I just don't want to farm aura formas
  3. What's the point of be able to shoot while in K-drive ? We don't give a damn, we're here so slide and trick. Idk.
  4. Add a super jump that can cross multiple dozen of meters in a few seconds
  5. Zephyr does the work too, very well. But you have to take her.
  6. At least they think about it and maybe we'll have an aweome weapon soon !
  7. "Checking for new content" at 9kb/s in France... I usually update much much faster. Is it coming from you ? Alright, it updated, but it took 40min while I usually update like in 5-10min depending of the weight of the update.
  8. Ennemies in Orokin defense seem to be stucked at spawn. 😕
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