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  1. I think it's fine that console players have exclusive armors to make up for the months they go without content updates. We get tons of exclusive stuff too.
  2. If you play through Steam, you can check under the Warframe Badge. Badges -> "How do I get more card drops?"
  3. It's the same with Prime Access, really. If you're not gonna spend real money on the game, you're SoL for both Prime Accessories and Tennogen. I've put a literal f**kton of money into this game across Prime Access and Platinum Purchases. I like those cosmetics enough to buy them for myself. The only thing I'd support is being able to gift it to other players.
  4. Well, yes, until you realize that 20p is something like $1 and people are selling the Tennogen stuff for 1k+ plat. Seems like a sh***y reason to boycott them. I want Half Life 3 just as much as the next guy but if everybody boycotts them, who's going to pay for Half Life 3 development? I don't understand this, personally. You're showing support to the community for letting DE allow Tennogen, you're showing support to the (very talented) artists, and you're showing support for Warframe in general by buying cosmetics and spending real money on it anyways. They do have a c
  5. Lato and AkLato! I'm at 4 forma on my Lato, 2 on my Ak!
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