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  1. I don't even stealth in most of my Spy missions anymore because I've decided that running Enemy Radar and paying attention to where the patrols are means I can just jump past them since parkour is silent.

    Pair that with ample forgiveness for setting off alarms and the only time I (as I can only speak for myself here) have ever failed a Spy mission is when I was, am, and will be getting juggled between knockdowns and/or falling down a pit until the mission times out.

    And it probably will continue to be the only way until they make getting spotted and alarms going off a bigger "oh f***" moment than it isn't.

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  2. 12 hours ago, BahamutKaiser said:

    So, whose using Decoy? I only use it with switch teleport to get into vaults, on Loki himself. 

    I Like Decoy because it can draw fire away from my Warframe for a bit but I do also wish Switch Teleport was the ability getting slapped on other Frames.

  3. Lefty here.
    I swapped my aim and fire buttons to right and left click respectively since it's easier to use.

    My only issue is that it doesn't swap them for menus and I'm still stuck having to use right click to confirm everything.

    Bonus points that in the Nightwave acts the confirm to use Cephalite Resonance doesn't remap at all, meaning right click both confirms that you want to use the Resonance but also immediately closes inspecting the glassed peep.

  4. As a Corinth lover, I strongly disagree. As others have mentioned, it's more of a side-grade than straight upgrade.


    The airburst is on a manual trigger making it hard to use in close spaces but it isn't meant for close quarters, it's meant to clear enemies out of cover. If you use it in a tight hallway, of course you'll get knockback.

    Fire it into a room to clear out the doorway? Flawless.

    For me, having the option of detonating it point blank or just a bit further than the enemy cover so I can get that extra hyekka is great. That's not even mentioning the massive 50% chance to proc Impact (a stagger!) on whatever the alt fire hits.

    I'm personally still getting used to the clip reload. I much more enjoy the single she'll reload of the base.

    Lastly, the spread on the buckshot tends to be much tighter in my experiences. This makes medium range use of the buckshot a semi-viable option.



    I don't know about anyone else but I always prefer my guns to have a variety of uses and applications rather than just "fun DPS spitter" and Corinth Prime has filled this role nicely.

  5. As a person who has at least 1,000 hours in both games I can safely say that they both play extremely differently and have zero relation outside of space sci-fi fantasy shlooter.

    I can also say that the two communities tend to understand this because there is a solid chunk of people who do, in fact, play both.

    They both have many overlaps in what they do well: story, power progression and general loot loop being appealing, small squads.
    But they also do things very differently: Destiny's difficulty scaling is much more based on curated encounters and mob difficulty while Warframe intrinsically runs on hordes of mobs with randomly generated stats and weaponry (in some cases).
    Destiny's powers are divided into three classes, each containing three subclasses and then four perks that change your playstyle (not to mention Destiny 1's much more interesting "pick from columns of perks to make a skill tree of your own"). Warframe's powers are four abilities tied to curated stat kits with a deep modular system.

    I could go on about how Warframe's loot system revolves around copious amounts of materials being refined into time-gated inventory management and Destiny's is a chance a thrall enemy might drop an item that might give you one possible roll on the weapon you want out of thirteen other weapons, each with at least a dozen variable rolls on each and every one.

    For all intents and purposes, Eidolons play like a lot of Destiny's boss encounters which means you'd probably enjoy the Strike list or Heroic Story Missions and that general style of combat.
    But Eidolons aren't the main style of Warframe.

    Something else that Warframe does well that Destiny does not is breadth of content type. Warframe has been able to mix sci-fi fantasy space ninja shooter looter with open world MMORPG elements AND still have time for projects like Shazwins, Railjack, Prime Warframes, and occasional non-mainline updates. With the addition of Nightwave, we have a decent flow of daily and weekly goal offerings to make up for the fact that DE don't put out regularly scheduled content. They're able to say "this isn't done yet, give us more time" even if that's upsetting, and then are also able to nail down things that stick out quickly.

    Destiny does this in a similar way in their bounty system, overall mixing sci-fi fantasy space magic with classic action FPS with a similar open world MMORPG element, focusing more on seasonal content and crafting specific encounters for the players to make their way through. They're held to "we have to be done with X by Y date" due to their seasonal cycle and hence are held back on making sweeping and drastic changes by being prone to seasonal based metas and not as fast to throw "overpowered" out.

    To dig deeper would then be to start explaining how the devs operate on different schedules and more...

    To wrap it up, they're similar in many ways, different where it counts.

    And as far as I'm concerned, I'd prefer it if Bungie didn't charge $20 for some Parazon animations.

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  6. 21 minutes ago, (PS4)Q7XR2-75B said:

    That's a poor solution.

    "I'm having a hard time farming X material and I hate doing it this way."
    "Later on you will have an easier time farming X material in a different way and in larger amounts."

    "That's not good enough."


  7. While I think that yes, prolonging the war is bad, we're also the key to keeping any one from winning the war.

    All of those events we've taken care of? Bursas and whatnot?

    If we didn't do those, X faction would come out ahead of the others and begin to take full control of the Sol System.

    While it's bad we're prolonging the war, we're also preventing even larger losses I think.


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