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  1. 6 hours ago, (PS4)teacup775 said:

    Sure but it will be dissonant for some part of the population. It may come across as artless.

    >games are a form of art

    >game studio makes artful takes on inspiration for in-game things

    >"the gender does't match the name, that's artless!"

    What they're doing is textbook definition artful, taking inspiration from a plethora of influences from around the world to craft into a sci-fi fantasy looter shooter with one of the best models for moneymaking without making a hot mess all over your fanbase on the market.


    Like, seriously. They could be doing a LOT worse, and I play Destiny 2*.




    I use this in the context that I do enjoy Destiny 2 but they have a pay-system that is a fine example of what plagues the gaming community as a whole: rampant micro transactions.


  2. People can sell what they want for what price they want.


    Really, it's up to you to decide what you want to pay for something. Even sites like Warframe Market and whatnot are just what a group of people -think- might be a fair price.

  3. 24 minutes ago, Aleksi134 said:

    Id prefer a cinematic quest more frequently than these short trailers that add nothing to the game. And dont argue they add "lore".

    They might not add lore in the traditional sense, but generally speaking they give you the idea of what the Warframe was traditionally used for.

    Saryn was used to cleanse the infestation, Oberon was to protect Earth. Vauban kept watch over greedy corporations to keep their power from spreading. Et cetera.


  4. 36 minutes ago, rune_me said:

    But there were mimics. I mean, they totally stole them from Prey instead of coming up with their own original enemy, but still.

    And Prey stole them from Dark Souls, who stole them from whoever, who stole them from Dungeons & Dragons, who stole them from...

    Yeah. It's "uninspired", but don't act like they're just flopping an old enemy in and calling it good. Me, I can see a lot of uses for the Mimic idea that would be pretty frightening, considering the only telegraph you get that they're there is an out-of-place object in the corner of a room and a brief morphing sound that would probably be drowned out in a real firefight and not the half-battles you get during quests.

  5. 12 minutes ago, Dante102 said:
    Here is the interaction:
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    I was streaming a walkthrough of all cinematic quests as umbra, and after the war within he appeared on codex while i was at navigation. Though he wasn't there when i was walking away from codex.

    Lets appreciate the fact that he actually dissipates before you look away from him, a first.

  6. 8 hours ago, Starcanum said:

    Nothing beats it in a single-target damage in a high level low enemy count environment with status procs allowed. Uhh..

    Shred and Vicious Spread usually takes care of high enemy count.

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