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  1. On 2018-05-25 at 8:26 PM, NezuHimeSama said:

    Maybe a sphere that grows with beam damage, up to 3m, and has 0~100% damage falloff with range from the center of the sphere?

    Prometheus Lens in Warframe, yes please. 😛

  2. Obligatory Lotus Packs link.


    10/10 would Teshin again.

    I love Lotus AND Ordis (the latter more than the former) but I also would like just about anyone else as well, just to mix it up.


    EDIT: On second thought, I remembered how much I loved the Mr. Lotus voice pack... Need that rugged charm in my game.

  3. I'll throw in here that it seems like DE has done a bit of a 180 when it comes to how long ago the Orokin Empire was. Looking at all the evidence, it's seeming more and more likely that it (the fall of said empire) only happened hundreds of years ago (and maybe within a basic human lifespan?), not thousands of year.

  4. I play Oberon, what are procs?



    In all seriousness, I found that they're all pretty balanced to the extent that they just feel like a glorified Infested plug-in for the Grineer. *shrug*

    For me, I found the first two missions were interesting and... maybe kinda difficult if only in the extent that it was "new content"? After that, the Ghouls lost all charm. They're a Grineer reskin of various Infested units. Thematically interesting, fun to fight in the same way everything else is fun to fight, but boring after you realize what each troop does.

    I ran a melee build on my Volt as well, didn't have much of a problem there either.

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