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  1. 8 minutes ago, Velaric said:

    Guys you can't use warframe skills during this test.

    I am using hydroid, it doesn't matter if you use zephyr you can't use its skills :)

    Yeh, but Zephyr has a composition made mainly of Oxium, a material lighter than air.


    As such, she floats around more than other Warframes.


    That is to say, she has a passive effect that makes her parkour movements keep her in air for a longer time than others.

    You can't use abilities, but passives still apply.

  2. IMO Blind Justice has the best damage potential and I use it when S#&$ gets super real, but the tempo of your swings is super imbalanced and the pacing can feel odd.

    Otherwise I really enjoy Decisive Judgement. Good pacing, easy to execute combo, two handed slashes feel powerful.

  3. 26 minutes ago, Cubewano said:

    Tell that to their failed empire and their near non-existent lineage. They think they're perfect, that isn't the same as it being so. Especially since as noted, we already know they don't make their bodies, they just jump between human bodies. And why couldn't it be? These people are from eons in the future with vastly superior and different technology, who knows what fashion options are available. 

    Yeah, I  was gonna say that the Orokin definition of "perfection" seems to differ vastly from what anyone would think of as perfect in todays time to the extent that their perfection is our perversion. For all intents and purposes, Ballas' current form COULD be Orokin perfection.

  4. Reading over some other peoples comments, I think they're forgetting OP's first parameter for the vote kick: 1 minute of inactivity alive or dead, OR not moving 50 feet in 60 seconds.

    EV Trins, immobile warframes, etc. would not be punished as long as they're actively killing enemies or doing the mission. If there are no enemies nearby, you walk around a bit.

    While I'm still as skeptical as anyone else about vote-kicks of any sort, this is one of the better ideas I've heard.

  5. 3 hours ago, Emulad0or said:

    It was too strong, and now it's useless. Give me 2 reasons anyone would use Gara over Frost now?

    I mean, Frost can create 4 globes, his globes have 4 sec of infinite health and add all damage absorved to the total health, it costs 50 energy to cast (gara's costs 75 + 3/s), enemies inside the range are thrown away on cast while gara's still attack for a few seconds until the are "frozen" in place... And that without even bringing up the protection from top and botton...

    And yes, enemies can enter Frost's bubble, but are heavily slowed, if now frozen with the use of the augment, this can't be used as a defence argument

    Because Gara and her other three abilities play entirely different from Frost?

  6. Can Warframe not branch out and be something different when appropriate?


    EDIT: Being stuck doing the same thing over and over is what kills games or at least causes immense swathes of break-taking.

  7. 5 minutes ago, phoenix1992 said:

    The improved versions of those two are Vandal and Wraith - so one day we may get Lenz/Arca Plasmor Vandal (DE pls) or things like Sydon Wraith. Prisma and Syndicate weapons are outside of those conventions.

    To my knowledge there is one exception of this rule : Imperator Vandal - It is supposed to be tenno tech, follows Grineer design but has Corpus naming convention.

    I'd eventually expect a fix on that like how when Braton got its visual overhaul they scrapped the lore that it was a Corpus reverse-engineer of the Braton Prime.

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