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  1. I got this new gun and I was thinking it would shoot Vauban Vortexes or something similar to it all over the place.


    Never have I been so disappointed in my life.


    The gun looks AMAZING, and the concept is AMAZING, but the execution is very poor. To make a vortex you have to fire five shots in the same location which is half a clip.

    Even the base damage is okay, but the fact that we have no way to increase the duration of the vortex (which is about 10 seconds) nor the range (which is, at my best guesstimation, not even 5 meters) is VERY sad.


    I want to love this gun, it seems like it would be AWESOME!!!


    But nope.

  2. Fun fact: in the days of the Vikings, the berserkers among them actually ate mushrooms to induce a hallucinatory state and caused them to rampage in battle, hence berserkers are known to be insane and strong fighters.



    In reality, they were all tripping balls and stealing shiny S#&$ when they were covered in blood.



    TL;DR  Valkyr is a cat on shrooms.

  3. I have no qualms simply because I'm mad about being stalled out of my weapon at the last few hours and didn't receive one.


    ... Lucky you, you GOT the Karak. Many of us out there got a badge nobody will ever use and came close enough to a weapon that other people just stalled the final conflict for s***s and giggles.

  4. Had 4/4, played opposing side THREE times, suddenly had 0/4. Where's the extra? Played Nef's side for 2/4, crammed in three missions late last night, hoped a new node spawned this morning.




    Also wasn't told that once you earn a weapon you can un-earn it.

  5. Im assuming right off the bat that im not alone in this situation. I started this event normally, siding with whomever had the best rewards. over the course of 4 rounds i realized i was still at 1/4 event score. Now admittedly this was a mistake on my part, but ive had several other people tell me they made the same mistake. Ok, no big deal, i still had 4 days of the event left, right? wrong. oh so wrong.


    So the first few days of this event had the node being completed within a few hours of the last tubeman nodes completion. however, as the even waned, the nodes became progressively longer and longer. one took almost a full 24 hours to complete. My real issue was i feel that i genuinely had no chance to get the rewards after my initial fk up because of how stupidly long it took to reset the node. so i got 3/4 by the end. no weapon. 


    here's the real kicker though... the time i spent on this event FAR exceeded any event in recent memory. constantly checking to see if and when the node would complete so i could do the next round. 


    This isn't a QQ thread. it's one weapon, it isnt a big deal. this is more for DE. you guys REALLY need to put time limits on player generated progression, otherwise you get stalled out events where theres an initial rush of players at the beginning easily keeping the progress reasonable, but a total drop-off at the end, resulting in any players that waited a few days after the initial event launch to miss out on the bulk of the event.


    I was at 2/4 last night, hoping the mission completed so I could cram in a rush for the 4/4 this morning earning me a weapon.


    Much to my dismay, nobody progressed because Salad already won and I was on Nef's side.



    IMHO, Nef Anyo's people were locked out of a weapon if they came in late. If you wanted to complete the mission set faster, you had to run your three and wait for Alad's side to win. The more you ran it, the longer it'd take for you to lose.

  6. ^ This.


    About halfway through the event, I discovered that Nef Anyo was passing out Fusion Cores like no tomorrow. So I figure, hey, might as well support the Void and all that cause I already earned a weapon, right?


    So I begin to support Nef Anyo, doing missions as per normal...




    Suddenly, after running three mission sets with him, my weapon counter hits 0.

    What? It said 4 for THREE CONFLICTS. And where'd that other one go!?




    Needless to say, I will be very disappointed if I don't receive a weapon due to a glitched interface and lack of information on how your score truly affects if you earn a weapon or not.

    (And now I'm pretty stuck. Salad people won't fight tonight because they've already won. Plus all they have to do is keep Nef under 50% to keep the current conflict from ending, pretty much ending the hopes of those people who, like me, "screwed up" or came in late to the party.)

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