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  1. I'd love a weapon that actually let you set up in a spot and start shredding enemies in a certain direction. Think belt-fed Soma on a tripod with a bit of shielding on it to protect you.


    Or Hek, just a nice mortar bombard. <3

  2. As a Vazarin player, it's MUCH stronger than it previously was. If I dash through an ally (which is surprisingly easy with how fast the transition between Warframe and Operator registers) they're healed for 75% of their health over 5 seconds AND get a 2 second immunity to all damage. And that's the healing alone. You can still generate ally shields, put up a shield of your own, and increase base affinity range for everybody by 50%.


    Keep in mind that Zenurik is now a TEAM buff as well, not just a personal buff.

    EDIT: I think the main point of Focus 2.0 isn't entirely "wao operaturs r kewl" and leans more towards "hey, these actually benefit your team instead of you just being forever invisible and having near infinite energy to spam with".

  3. 4 hours ago, Tenno1978 said:

    LOL. Yes, you need to get used to them... not like flying in outer space


    That's... sort of the problem. The Archwing currently acts like you're in space. Your momentum is a continual thing. You literally cannot stop and hover because it acts like you're in a zero-G environment (or at least, low gravity) unless you slam facefirst into a wall or other object.


    Not to mention the fact that in about two seconds of standing still, a 1800/1800 health/shields Elytron can get shredded.

  4. 9 hours ago, kTwn2 said:

    how....  the BEST gains I've seen in a run is like 8k...  how in the heck are you getting so much focus?!?!?!  (I'm guessing this is a "I have 5 greater lens' of all the groups equipped" type thing...)

    I had an Eidolon lens on my Tigris Prime and a Greater lens on my Oberon Prime. Passively playing on Hydron while my other three teammates wiped the floor with everyone would net me 2-5k focus per orb pickup. Every two rounds it would spawn so by the time we hit wave 10, it's something like 20-30k focus?


    You don't need much, you just need to know where to go and what to do.


    EDIT: And this is more efficient than most other ways of playing, but certainly not THE most efficient.

  5. On one hand, DE does insane optimizations that most gaming companies don't even consider anymore when it comes to older PCs.

    On the other, it doesn't take much to run Warframe decently.



    My question is: is it the Plains of Eidolon themselves that are unplayable for you? Or is it Cetus?

    I'm not on a potato but I am on a now-fairly outdated laptop and I've had a good handful of crashes out on the Plains (three or four from those rocket turrets hitting me whilst in a bullet jump) but most of my crashes have stemmed from loading back into Cetus from the Plains. 50 people is a LOT to load.

  6. 15 minutes ago, alexorcist said:

    i F*** ing HATE operators, they are useless, they ruin the immersion and flow of normal gameplay by being WEAK, VULNERABLE, TEDIOUS, and literally NO ONE was asking to use them, EVER. they are not loved, they are not WANTED, they are TOLERATED.

    I love Operators, they fit their use with how the Eidolons work now and their abilities aren't boring "press button, get effect" anymore. They actually augment your Warframe-play properly now. They add to the immersion and help the flow of normal gameplay by being strong, powerful, requiring a bit of effort to use now instead of just "lolololol 4 energy per second so OP lolololol". Nobody was asking to use them as they were before because they WERE terrible. They are loved now, they are wanted even more, so continue to tolerate them.



    Dump it, we don't need this attitude here.



    Even with two perks on my Vazarin class and two on my Zenurik (both increasing health/health regen and energy/energy regen respectively), Operators are so much more than they used to be. Seeing a half-ranked Zenurik bubble-ability-that-regens-energy (I totally forgot the name) fill up my energy bar is beautiful, especially when I'm not even the one ranking up Zenurik.


    For all the people knocking operators... honestly. Tough S#&amp;&#036;, this is where the game is, and is continuing to go.


    If you don't like it, take your nasty attitudes out the door and find something you do like.





  7. Seriously, any time I try to load into Cetus with more than just myself in a squad (and yes, even sometimes when I'm alone) you either end up crashing and missing all of your rewards or getting booted out of your squad and left yet again without your rewards.


    Do we really need a whole 50 people for Cetus? I get the whole hub idea, making it easy to find people to make squads out of, but... we don't need that.

    Tone it down to at least 30 if not 20.

  8. Me, I'm not even upset that I couldn't use it right away. I certainly expected some new materials to be used in creating a permanent item to allow me to call down my Archwing whenever.


    The disappointing part was finding out that I needed 150 of a resource I can only get in small doses and to make a mere 50 uses.


    Consider that in one run to the Plains, you'll use anywhere between 2 and 5 charges (guesstimation, including occasional stops to fish, mine, do whatever) meaning your 50 charges will only last 10-25 missions.

    (Also, you're telling me I need to throw down a beacon to call my Archwing on an open field when mid-mission on Uranus my Archwing magically appears on my back when I jump in water miles below the surface of the planet?)

  9. 6 hours ago, peterc3 said:

    Fair enough. However, if you were to strip the existing frames of their glowy bits, their textures, their colors, anything that stands out... how many of them would be just as ugly as people think this unfinished concept is or maybe even uglier?

    Except this concept has obvious areas that would be glowy bits, textures, colors, AND things that stand out?


    It doesn't matter how far along a concept is, we can give feedback at any stage. It's why they show us stuff.


    And really, if you stripped existing frames of all those things, they'd be grey models that still fit their themes. Granted this fits the theme well, I don't like the direction it's going aesthetically.

  10. On 9/21/2017 at 3:26 PM, peterc3 said:

    I find it baffling that this much salt is being thrown at an unfinished piece of concept art, one of several being considered for Volt's deluxe skin.

    Symmetry is irrelevant at this point because the art is unfinished. It might be a cool concept, it might be an asymmetrical blob of nothing that is rejected.

    Have we seen the other ones being considered?

    Can you link them here?

    If the answer is "no" to both of those, we definitely have the privilege to dump salt all over this ugly lump of art.


    As a Tenno with Volt (Prime) as his most played frame, I REALLY dislike the direction they've gone with this deluxe.

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