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  1. I'm very happy to see that the picture that I had painted in my head appears to be far from the truth. Thank you :]
  2. So you praise the support team eh? You know who does that? A SYNTH! 😛 But on a serious note, I'm glad that my impression of a boogeyman support team is being dispelled by all these people. I have invested too much of myself in this game, after all xD
  3. The reason why there exists accounts older than a year is because the support team still hasn't gotten around to banning them yet 😛
  4. So, should I stop being scared of them now? lol
  5. I've read quite a few horror stories about how the support team harms the game's players rather then help them. People are saying that they'll ban you without reason or at the very least without giving you a reason, which might not even be a good reason for a ban to begin with. Apparently, even using these forums is risky, since there's always the chance the the seemingly mad support team might misfire your way. There are quite a lot of posts saying very similar things on the internet, and that got me curious. Creating this post should land me in some warframe watchlist or naughty list, according to what these posts are claiming. The key word is "should" because apparently the support team is also incredibly slow at taking action... which would ultimately be a good thing, considering that they have such a record of banning people for bad reasons. If that's to be believed, then it will take at least a month before anybody even notices this post. That is, assuming that the support team will even take the time to read anything past the title before acting. 😛 So, jokes aside, is the support really the boogeyman that people make it out to be? Assuming that you still have access to the forums, do any support survivors/victims have any horror stories to share with the rest of us? I'm very curious~ PS. please don't ban me, I'm joking
  6. Something has gone horribly wrong with how the archwing controls. Whatever you did to it, please change it back.
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