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  1. re: Javlok, this is an indirect nerf to the already-overnerfed Ember because there is no longer a safe and reliable way to proc fire for the energy/strength bonus. Please consider reverting. 😞
  2. When they're on the floor and trying to get up you can target them and cast, but the bubble doesn't happen and you have to wait for them to be on their feet.
  3. As above. Other specters seem to more or less obey commands fine, but not warframe specters, although I have also noticed that if you mash the button to Hold Position as soon as a Specter (only tested with moas) spawns it won't re-follow you even when you tell it to.
  4. While the player is doing a handshake with another player, and both have moas (the important part is the excited headbobbing):
  5. kuva jester just wants someone (anyone) to hold on to who thinks hes funny 🤡
  6. Let my boy revenant dance he just wants to have fun
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