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  1. As above. I haven't been able to find out how to switch the lighting focus if such an option exists. If it does not, it would be really cool to have so I can take pictures of my ugly (but wonderful) cat and tin can.
  2. I have a different issue - I have the syandana, but not the guns or their skins.
  3. An Ivara hanging out in the Void. For a good friend of mine, SpruceZeus <3 And shirts I did for Fan Forge (when are winners gonna be announced? :U): Eidolon Teralyst Hunters' Club: Cetus Village Fishing Club:
  4. So when can we let our operators wear the hoods properly, instead of just spilled around the collar? I don't see the point of showing them all properly suited, but not allowing people to put on the hoods.
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