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  1. From what i’ve seen, it doesn’t allow you to turn in medallions if you only have a single one of a certain type while you have 0 daily standing left, but if you have multiple of a certain type of medallion, then you can trade them all in. Happened to me a few times when i only having a single red veil mark medallion and it’s kinda dumb why it’s like this.
  2. Catchmoon primary isn’t really that strong. It has a lot less damage than the secondary variant, has higher firerate and has longer range / falloff and is also filly auto, but isn’t very accurate. Not as good as the other primary kitguns honestly. Tombfinger primary is strong, but it has a long charge time to fire unless you use the brash grip, but the charge shot has a lot of splash damage, even with the brash grip which has the lowest damage per shot compared to the other grip, but has higher dps compared to the highest damage grip that has a long charge time of 1.40 seconds. Rattleguts is pretty good as well. Has a lot higher firerate than the secondary variant, even with the strongest grip, but less damage than the secondary variant. It’s still good though. The gaze primary is also quite strong. More damage than the secondary gazes but has a radius at the end of it’s beam instead of being able to chain hit multiple enemies. You can choose whatever you want really. I have at least 2 of every kitgun variant for both primaries and secondaries (2+ rattlegut primaries and +2 rattleguts secondaries for example). Odds are i won’t use every single kitgun i own, but it would be worth having a primary and secondary kitgun of each chamber at least imo.
  3. What would be better is to instead make the moa’s melee modable separately as a new type of “weapon” instead, that uses melee mods and can be equipped as a weapon in place of the sentinel weapons for moas since it’s weird to have to use a sentinel weapon’s mods for powering up the melee attacks, and then have the moa awkwardly switch between using it’s weapons and kicking enemies. Can change hard engage into a different mod instead, perhaps something to do with meleeing enemies still, like being able to perform melee finishers similar to those mods some of the kubrows have that could synergise well with a melee moa, or something basic / simple like a dash attack. Do wanna use hard engage, or a melee moa in general, but it’s just better to use a different moa skill in it’s place since if you want to make the most of it, you need to use the burst laser for the higher damage boost from the pistol mods (and the burst laser isn’t as good as good as some of the other sentinel weapons, same with the prisma variant which is slightly better, but not as good as the other weapons), and the whole randomly swapping between the two different attacks instead of using both at the same time makes it hard for the moa to do anything.
  4. Vigilante supplies is also an example of an exilus mod that helps improve dps. Converts ammo into the ammo for the equipped weapon, but it also provides a 5% chance to enhance crits. Might only be a small chance, but turning yellow crits into orange and orange into red crits is pretty strong, especially for high firerate, high crit weapons. Even better with vigilante armaments or other vigilante mods equipped, but i tend to use armaments more for the multishot. we have flight speed mods that help projectile weapons and helps shotguns deal more damage at longer ranges, so i don’t see why we can’t have the range mod for beam weapons
  5. To be fair, if there’s a gift of the lotus or the 3rd stage of a sortie on that one lich planet, chances are they can steal your big rewards, so it can be frustrating if your lich ends up stealing a catalyst bp or a riven. Kinda why i don’t like leaving the lich planet on it’s own.
  6. Yea, we need more kitgun chambers. Only four chambers in the game which is quite disappointing. A proper shotgun chamber definitely sounds good, but maybe it should keep the same multishot and just have varying damage and fire-rate depending on chambers. People would probably use the higher multishot chamber more because they get more damage due to more pellets and more benefits from multishot mods. Maybe a proper hitscan semi fire chamber could be good as well, for people who want a more accurate rifle like kitgun without the projectile speed on weapons. Would also like to see some other variations of kitguns like with the plague zaws. Probably some kind of sentient / corpus fusion kitgun parts similar to the Battacor and Ocucor. Maybe with innate electric / magnetic damage instead of radiation (excluding Catchmoon which doesn’t have innate radiation damage) as well as the three primary damage types. Would love to see more kitgun stuff in the long run, because only having four chambers is quite small whereas there’s multiple zaw strikes that can form two different types of weapons each.
  7. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  8. Usually pulling off slam attacks / heavy slam attacks helps break all of the glass on an enemy. Makes it easier to finish off glassed enemies then trying to aim at them with weapons and hoping you end up hitting them with enough melee hits
  9. Well, they buffed the charge time on the brash grip...But who even uses a brash with a tombfinger? oh well, kinda sucks that they made the higher damage grips have longer charge times, but at least my tombfinger riven that has increase firerate, as well as crit chance, damage and increased recoil will see some more use in helping out with the charge time
  10. Hardest part of the tridolons is usually finding a team, especially when everyone’s looking for people with over 100 captures 90% of the time, which sucks for me cus i’ve only captured like 47 hydrolysts, since i haven’t grinded out the mode as much as most people. Could just grind out some more so i have enough captures to jump in with the elitists who want everyone to have a ridiculous amount of hydrolyst captures, but i don’t really have much need to do them any more since i already have all the arcanes from scarlet spear and enough intact cores to max out daily standing with the quills for weeks (months even), and focus i can just grind out easily in elite sanctuary onslaught, even if it is somewhat time consuming when you jump from pubs to pubs and occasionally you find a good team, occasionally you find a group of inaros or other frames that don’t help with focus farming
  11. People would prolly be salty if there were nightwave challenges that involved doing PVP. Conclave needs balancing and people generally don’t like it, and odds are even if it’s optional to do the nw challenge that requires you to play conclave, people would complain about it anyway, especially those who want to rush through the nightwave and get everything as quickly as possible
  12. All the kitguns have pretty decent fire-rate anyway, even with the tremor, which is why more people use it. Plus the lowered disposition, like what Neon said. When they get buffed it might make primary kitgun more impressive. And also the secondary kitguns have a better choice of mods than the primary ones, although the primary kitguns that take rifle mods have a slightly better choice for crit damage (vital sense giving an extra +10% to crit damage than primed target cracker and hammer shot that also increases status chance), and the primary kitguns also have access to hunter munitions for the chance of slash procs on crits. If we had better mods to play around with (especially with the catchmoon primary that has blunderbuss which isn’t so great compared to the other crit chance mods), then kitgun primaries might be more worthwhile, although i find the tombfinger primary to be quite powerful with it’s charge shot. As for the kitguns themselves, everyone uses the tremor for more damage per shot, but i’ve seen quite a few rattlegut primaries with other chambers, especially the brash for higher fire-rate and little to no impact damage, meaning more chance of inflicting other status conditions
  13. Sucks that there’s only two sentinel weapons that accept pistol mods: The burst laser and the prisma burst laser, and they aren’t as good as some of the other sentinel weapons. Would be better off using one of the other sentinel weapons maybe, since the Moa switches between using it’s guns and using it’s melee attacks quite a bit
  14. Multishot, fire-rate, reload and ammo mods don’t affect the melee. I’d say pure damage maybe, but i’m not 100% sure what kind of stats a melee moa has other than 90 impact damage base. Apparently it has decent status chance and low / no crit, according to the wiki, but i don’t think there’s any accurate confirmation on the stats yet? The type of sentinel weapon doesn’t matter. It’s just about the mods you equip on it
  15. I don’t mind modular items giving mastery. Gives us an extra edge to the next mastery rank anyway. Getting mastery from the fortuna and cetus syndicates would be neat though. Yea. The secondaries have the better mods (220% damage buff from Hornet strike and 187% primed crit chance from primed pistol gambit for example) while the rifle and shotgun ones aren’t as great, especially the shotgun ones with blunderbuss that is less than half of what a maxed primed pistol gambit gives. At least it might be interesting to use hunters munitions with a crit kitgun, especially a catchmoon one, for the slash procs which you usually can’t proc with it. Would be better to have a wider selection of mods (or at least stronger mods) to use for the primary kitguns, especially the shotguns. Kinda wish the kitguns had a larger magazine size to make up for their lowered damage and higher firerate.
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