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  1. Since you can only use the mechs in open world areas currently, the best way to level them currently is to just run bounties i believe? I don’t know if there’s anything more specific you can do to level the mechs up faster, but the options are pretty limited right now.
  2. Cool 👌 Wanted to make sure, incase i accidentally mentioned the wrong person, despite the fact only one result came up when typing in your name
  3. My wishlist for the tennobaum is: Gara deluxe bundle x1 (Thanks to @trunks013for the bundle (i assume it’s the right one, although the pfp here seems to be different to the one that gifted me the bundle)) Hydroid deluxe bundle x1 Garuda deluxe bundle x1 Oscira bundle x1 Orokin catalysts (Any amount) Formas (preferably forma bundles because you get three for just 15p extra compared to getting one, any amount) Weapon slots (because keep on running out since i keep on stockpiling on rakta dark daggers and vaykor sydons to sell, any amount) Warframe exl
  4. Try unlinking and relinking your twitch account. Doing so worked out for me and i’ve got my twitch prime operator accessories
  5. They looks badass, but i’ve claimed mine over an hour ago and still waiting for them to arrive. Kinda feel like mine bugged out or something and i won’t be receiving them, even though i’ve claimed most of the other twitch prime rewards without issue
  6. Currently all new weapons have a minimal riven disposition of 0.5, so at some point we’ll perhaps see an increase in it’s disposition, unless it’s left at it’s same value, which is unlikely unless the weapon itself is extremely god-like
  7. Last time i played conclave, a lot of people would use the telos boltace and tigris prime to simply cheese every match, by using the boltace’s stormthrow passive to ragdoll other plays and then either melee them to death, or kill them instantly with the tigris. It’s a strong loadout definitely, but mainly for people who want to cheese conclave and get easy kills. Not 100% sure how many people roll with it still? I won’t lie when i say that i also used the loadout (with a rumbler Atlas) to simply cheese through the conclave ranks, mainly because i havent’t played it much around the time an
  8. The umbra forma is also a blueprint, but it’s actually relatively cheap for what it is. 1,100 Nanospores, 1 Neurode, 500 Kuva and 1 built forma. Just glad it’s not like 4 formas, 10 argons and 10k kuva or anything silly
  9. I downloaded the warframe app that lets me use the foundry and such from my mobile device without having to manually do it in the game itself, but is it safe to use, or am i perhaps taking a risk? Might be a dumb question, since the app is made by Digital Extremes themselves, but i feel like i should make sure if it’s 100% safe to use, since it’s been out for a few years now, or if i have the risk of something happening to my account due to “third part software” or whatever?
  10. Actually, i quite like dethcube's new mod addition. Use an artax on it and it's great and use arcane energize on yourself so you can gain energy easily without having to blow energy pads or run frames that supply you with energy. Dethcube's survivability isn't really great though, but i've been using dethcube a lot more because of that mod alone
  11. I redeemed 799C-68EA-0002-6FB0. Thanks for sharing your glyph to the community
  12. Basically you're not allowed to trade between both accounts, give "free discounts" (which is basically just buying plat on one account, then sending it to the other account) and I believe they cannot interact in any other ways
  13. It is harder to get ducats but then again, it takes time. You aren't just going to get everything without grinding a lot in this game.
  14. I like the trade chat now because it isn't just scam village there anymore really (although the price of ember p bp and set is still insanely high)
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