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  1. Wait, so if your crewmember has one of your guns, you can’t use that gun until you get it back from the crewmember? That seems a little bit dumb honestly?
  2. I feel like it should be able to take affect without haven needing to be active, but the effects are halved against enemies not being affected by haven. It keeps the same mechanic, but can now work without needing another ability, meaning it can also be used on pillage as a subsumed ability. It’s a good augment for Hildryn at least. Lets you inflict heat procs on entire crowds, reduce their armour as a base effect and also restores your shields, meaning you can never run out of shields unless haven ends up draining your shields (but then just use Arcane Barrier and Aegis for the shield r
  3. If you run with either of the plague zaws, then you can easily run with both corrosive and viral since the weapons have viral on them already. All you’d need to do is build a zaw of your choosing and then mod it for corrosive and you can increase damage to health and reduce armour at the same time. My Plague Kripath is pretty powerful at least, with corrosive + heat, crit and condition overload (it does have a strong riven, but even without it a good built kripath is still great). There’s most likely melee weapons that are stronger than it, but it’s optional at least if you’d prefer havi
  4. + reload speed makes it go quicker. - reload speed makes it go slower.
  5. Would just make a hitscan version of the tombfinger secondary probably? Don’t think a bow kitgun would be possible really, unless they made entirely new parts just for a bow kitgun? Could be possible to have a crossbow / bolt launcher sort of chamber, that fires bolts like the bolto as a secondary or has a charge fire mechanic for the primary variant.
  6. I was thinking more of a semi-auto high damage chamber when i said about a proper rifle (like the tombfinger but without the travel time and charge rate on primary. Rifle / sniper rifle with high damage and less firerate, less magazine size and max ammo), but i do agree with the rattleguts technically being one. I do agree with what you said about shotgun kitguns. The catchmoon chamber is the closet to a shotgun we have currently, and the sporelacer primary feels more like a fully auto grenade launcher than a shotgun, despite it taking shotgun mods and having falloff. The pellet count ide
  7. I’d love to see more stuff being added to kitguns, and also zaws as well. Both have infested parts that can be added onto them, so i feel like it’d be pretty sweet to be able to equip parts that are based on other factions as well (like corpus themed parts for zaws and grineer themed parts for kitguns) and be able to have weapons that are an amalgamation of different faction parts. There’s so much that could be possible with zaws and kitguns, but i kinda feel like DE isn’t really making the most of them. I’d love to see a proper shotgun chamber with multishot or a proper rifle like
  8. I mean, i manage to grind for all the parts for the Arum Spinosa, including the rivet, and that took a ton of ios vault runs. I’ve done a whole bunch of them and i still don’t have the Sporothrix yet (missing one part, but don’t properly recall what. I believe it’s the receiver or stock?) and i haven’t even gotten a single damaged necramech weapon part to build the Morgha. RNG either loves people, or makes people suffer. Just have to either keep on running them or just buy them off someone.
  9. Primary Vermsplicer, Gaze and Tombfinger are worth building at least. Vermsplicer primary is basically an infested amprex, primary gaze has more damage than secondary gaze but has an aoe at the end of it’s beam instead of linking multiple enemies and primary tombfinger’s charge fire is powerful, even with the brash grip that gives you the highest firerate and charge rate, and the charge fire still does a ton of damage, with a half a second charge rate (it’s a weaker bramma essentially, but you can spam it without worrying about ammo) Rattleguts, catchmoon and sporelacer are good as well,
  10. It’s what i did to max that out. Run that and a tigris prime and you can just stun them and then shoot them (or smack them with the t-boltace) and get easy kills. I’m not proud of using such a dirty strategy, but i just wanted to max the conclave rank out and get it out of the way so i can say that i’ve done that and move on to more enjoyable aspects of the game. Plus when most people tend to run that loadout for easy conclave cheesing, or simply the t-boltace itself, you kinda need to use it to even be able to beat them, unless you’re like, really skilled at conclave with a loadout that
  11. The cedo glaive seems to be random at times on my end. Sometimes it’d bounce between multiple enemies (or bounce constantly from one enemy to another or three enemies at once for a small period of times), and other times the glaive will just bounce all over the place after hitting an enemy or missing an enemy. The glaives flying about making explosions everywhere is amusing, but not very practical if the glaive decides to be dumb. Manage to have the glaive bounce off of a group of enemies repeatedly and you can proc a ton of status effects on the enemy and the cedo primary fire can j
  12. Eh, probably gonna get it anyway for collection. Dumb question, but if we get the bp for the helmet, would we keep it forever, or would it possibly end up changing into the original item it was meant to be when it gets fixed tomorrow? I assume if we finish crafting it then it’d kinda be impossible to remove it from people’s inventories without removing the helmet from people who had it beforehand on accident.
  13. I have the resource booster from the nezha prime accessories, so i just grind out profit taker and i’m guarenteed at least two of the familial debt bonds per successful run. Doing the 5th tier bounty would be quicker, but that’s heavily reliant on rng since i get more endo and credits than i get familial bonds, and i’m not even guarenteed bonds from the bounties (and i can just do the first part of the bounty then evac and redo for a higher chance at the bonds, but that just seems tiring to do) Kinda wish Ticker sold at least one or two familial bonds at a time. Only seems to bring traini
  14. A lot of people use the stropha with a strong radiation build to deal with the mechs, building for damage and crit. Use Rhino with a radiation built stropha so you can stay alive with iron skin and buff the gunblade with roar, then you just open fire with heavy attacks, aiming for their arms and the blue scar on their back. It should make things much easier and quicker hopefully? Any frame should work anyway, but it’s probably better to use Rhino or any frame that can either buff your own damage, tank a lot of damage and survive or both, or you could always subsume Roar into the helminth
  15. Basically there’s four options: Play solo, use recruitment chat or play with friends / clan / alliance mates, or simply don’t play it at all. Solo is probably more tedious, but you don’t have to worry about your teammates messing up and playing with a formed squad makes things easier, but it’s usually more fun to do with friends anyway. I made the mistake of running public in the event at first. Did the first two missions easily on pubs, but then i failed the third like 3 times in a row because my teammates kept on messing around and refused to extract when things got out of hand an
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