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  1. Done the challenge. For my prize, i'll take the galvanik armour bundle
  2. My wf launcher won’t open up warframe, now constantly telling me: ”update failed!” ”The content servers are temporarily unavailable” ”ERROR_HTTP_INVALID_SERVER_RESPONSE” ”The update will be restarted shortly” I dunno how i’m supposed to fix this. I did have virgin media installed today, yet now the launcher refuses to let me play the game. I have zero idea if it has something to do with my newly installed internet or if it’s the launcher itself being trouble Nvm
  3. Really do hope it comes out today. If it’s released tomorrow, then we’ll end up having a bug filled fortune the weekend, unless DE works extra time on the weekends to take down the bugs or try and remove as much bugs as they can on the same day as fortuna’s release
  4. Having my hopes that it’s released today. Wouldn’t be surprised if it released friday, but i just feel like it’s coming today since it’s been hinted about (with the thursby file and such). Not going to have my expectations too high however, but it’d be best for DE to release it today so we don’t have a bug littered fortuna during the weekends.
  5. TacticalPotato has a video of him playing fortuna. Other youtubers such as MCGamer and AGGP also have videos of them playing fortuna early
  6. Other youtubers like TacticalPotato also have early access to fortuna, which i kinda find annoying cus if they can release it early for specific people, then i don't see why they can't release it to the public. It'd be best for DE to just release fortuna now or sometime today, or tomorrow at the very least. I have no idea why they're delaying it. To try and build up more hype for it? Or is there still stuff to sort out, despite the fact that partners already have access to fortuna?
  7. If i had to guess, then it'd either be tomorrow or friday. As much as i'd love for it to come today, i highly doubt that'll be the case
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