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  1. Meanwhile i also activated a lich with a 25% toxin tonkor on complete accident when trying to hunt for a kuva hind or kuva kraken. At least you can use weapons with the same element and type to buff one another, so i can use that tonkor to buff my...Other 25% toxin tonkor
  2. You do have a point there. Basically i just gotta suck it up then, which is annoying as hell on my end, but it's what the game wants
  3. (not sure if it goes here or not, but it's not a bug i don't think) So i tried doing my MR 28 challenge and as i was about it beat it, wf decides to crash (driver issues or something at least. Kinda makes the game super unplayable at times). Now i have to wait until tomorrow. I understand having to wait if you leave purposely or fail, but having to wait because of something you have no power over is annoying. Is it possible to make it so that you can still do it on the same day if you end up crashing, or is that unlikely? I mean, i can wait 24 hours, I can do other stuff in the meantime and i'm not exactly in a rush, but it's just super annoying that i have to wait a day to be able to do my mastery challenge because of wf crashing
  4. Okay, now i've converted my lich, so a 27% toxin Kuva shildeg is now up for grabs. Looking for any toxin roll Kuva Brakk, Drakgoon or Kraken
  5. My wishlist: Forma bundles Blue potatoes Weapon slots Equinox deluxe bundle Thanks to @Leyvonne for gifting me the bundle Domestik drone bundle Cumulus Collection Riven slots Excalibur Deluxe bundle / Zato collection Quellor (it’ll be difficult to farm this thanks to wf constantly crashing on me) Pennant (same issue) Kavat Sigma series armour Zundi Pistol skin Sigma series Armour Sigma series Syandana Sigma series Parazon skin Warframe articula
  6. Wanna try and send off my lich with a 27% toxin Kuva Shildeg, so if you are still in need of one, i don’t mind trading it off to you. Don’t mind giving it away for cheap, as i already have a 54% toxin shildeg and don’t really want to convert the lich, as i’d rather not waste requiems and hours of grinding just to convert it edit: nvm, i’m an idiot. Actually have to convert it first, which means i have to waste requiems beating it
  7. I admit that a 27% toxin Kuva Shildeg might not be anything amazing, but i want to trade it off for a toxin Kuva brakk, drakgoon or kraken with any amount of bonuses, as i already have a kuva shildeg with 54% toxin
  8. So many attempts of the endurance run and i haven't gotten past 15 minutes. In my experiences, the lamp decays so quickly and becomes tiny so you can't kill anything unless you stand right next to an enemy, and sometimes the enemies don't spawn straight away, usually screwing me over because my lamp decays far too quickly. Playing public is worse unless you get a good team as people just run about with the lamp all the time, preventing others from getting kills to charge it up. Wanna get that ephemera, but so far i'm on the verge of giving up unless this event gets balanced (i don't mind difficulty, but not one that screws you over so quickly unless you get lucky with spawns and good teammates that don't run all over the place with the lamp).
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