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  1. 2 minutes ago, Mochikomi_Shin_Jidai said:

    I hate to break it to you all.   but maybe go outside?  watch a movie eat food.......Sheesh 1st world problems.  Let the Dev team Make their amazing Lore Cinimeatic quests its art and story time, you cant rush perfection.

    Besides We been waiting this long, becuase 1. the first story leaked  2. They had to change it and that took a very long time. and each section they got to in making their dream needed to be tested if it felt right.  Not to mention THings that have NEVER told us about being made.

    Honestly.....dont mean to be a downer but.   Somone people in this world dont even have drinking water or a place to sleep. and you all running around complaining WHEN WHEN WHEN.  I dont mean to sound Harsh. But she be Glad this game even EXISTS!


    Uh, Warframe isn't really a ninja game anymore...

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