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  1. The wukong cloud walker nerf was uncalled for. It wasn't disrupting balance and was opt to use. After melee 3.0 ruined iron staff I switched to sprint speed instead of power to use with cloud walker instead. Now that is pointless also. How did nerfing cloud walker become a priority over fixing something that is obviously broken?
  2. It is a terrible change. Given that it was a completely opt to use feature that didn't disrupt game balance at all, changing it was completely uncalled for. How about focusing on fixing features actually broken like iron staff with melee 3.0?
  3. hmm I am wondering whether sentients in eidolon hunts were unintentionally buffed liked the ones in the anomaly? At this point eidolon hunts are old content no obvious reason to significantly increase difficulty now.
  4. Tried out the changes to railjack weapons, feels pretty terrible, status weapons much less effective. Plan to just replace status with crit meta instead? Cryophan nerfed badly. Changes for the worse in my opinion. I like the removal of repair drones from market. How about the scrapping of broken drops giving raw materials? Dirac is useless once grid is maxed.
  5. I think what may cause this is when you look at your reactors setting the reactor is being deselected. Try reequipping your reactor to see if that fixes it.
  6. There does not appear to be an increase in stats increasing void cloak from rank 3 to 4. The power cost increase but still 53 second cloak and %50 movement speed. The grid upgrade appears to do nothing for the mod either.
  7. Either affinity boosters are not working with railjack or the results screen is showing incorrect data. I am running an affinity booster and at the end of mission it said my aw weapon had reached rank 30, checking the arsenal it was only 26. I understand that there is a similar issue with intrinsic, with results showing more intrinsic was earnt than is actually the case.
  8. Screwed by a host migration and unable to destroy ship killer platform. No consoles were marked or able to be activated.
  9. While I like the idea of ship components being rare drops from enemy ships, the repair costs of some of these items are absurd. I have one item that requires 8000 copernicus as one of the requirements. Who thought this was good idea? The cynic in me thinks it's a push to make players purchase repair drones from the market. Are repair drones available in game outside the market? I think the material costs of operating the rail jack, especially repairs, encourages players to ditch the railjack out of the way and complete missions in aw.
  10. I had reservations about railjack before the stream. Afterwards they were somewhat allayed, the gameplay demo looked like fun, intense and chaotic. I do not like the look of the resource requirements to operate the railjack, especially for ship repairs. If railjack missions are a pita due to resource management I imagine people will just ditch the railjack at the start of the mission. I think DE should be providing incentives to use the railjack rather than disincentives like having to burn resources in order to use it. I was disappointed with the failure to address some of the problems with the lich system. Particularly liches with duplicates with inferior stats to weapons we already have. I don't mind doing work toward obtaining a weapon or item that I want and can use. I do have a problem with wasting my time eliminating a lich for my 6th duplicate kuva seer and kuva kraken they are a waste of my time. If I eliminate them all I get is another rng roll that will more than likely be useless to me. A more optimal approach would be to have liches generate one of each weapon first before receiving duplicates. Duplicates are pissing me off and providing little incentive to continue with the lich system at all.
  11. On occasion the game is interpreting the light attacks as a held button press and performing a heavy attack and blowing combo counter. Please make held melee attack for heavy a toggle it is annoying. Are exalted weapons going to be revisted post 3.0? Iron staff in particular does not look to be in a good place post 3.0 and seems inferior to regular melee due to the cap on condition overload and not being able to use bloodrush.
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