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  1. Getting annoyed by afkers in the event. I don't think people should be punished for not being good i.e. points based on kills but should not benefit from non participation. Would also like to not be group with people on the ignore list. Keep trying to do the event and keep getting stuck with afkers.
  2. A few thoughts Total Eclipse - Eclipse Augment - Mirage would like the augment to allow the player to choose between the defensive or offensive buff. The light/darkness trigger for eclipse is too situational, augment allowing switching between the eclipse buffs would address this. It's not on the table but would like the Enveloping cloud augment from wukong to allow cloud walker to function as a toggle rather than a duration ability. Enveloping cloud giving stealth to allies, not wukong and only lasting a few seconds making it highly situational. The continual need for recasting of cloud walker when using it to travel is kind of annoying. The zenurik energy regen is sufficient to allow continual recasting so it isn't really being balanced by power consumption anyway. The augment giving wukong stealth for a duration might be a good alternative.. I think ember, atlas, zephyr and maybe hydroid are in need of reworks. Tweaking augments is not going to address some fundamental problems. Zephyr is being looked at for a rework apparently, would like an augment to control zephyr's first ability and manoeuvre rather than being launched like a bullet.
  3. The challenge I have the most issue with is fighting 3 silver grove guardians. The amount of time required to gather the resources required to make the apothics, combined with the rng as whether the silver grove spawns in the map, is an excessive grind. Maybe allow helios or oxylus to scan flowers beyond just filling up codex?
  4. I am enjoying using the reworked wukong, rapidly becoming a favourite. I would like an augment to use cloud walker as a channeled ability. It is my favourite movement skill in the game, needing to recast in the middle of traveling somewhere every 5 seconds can get annoying. Enveloping winds as an augment is pretty useless now so maybe a good change for that augment?
  5. I have already given positive feedback earlier in the thread. After additional play would like to see some tweaking of the enveloping cloud augment, perhaps granting stealth to wukong himself? or the cloud form being able to heal allies? In its present form the augment seems far too situational to be of use.
  6. To be blunt I think whomever is responsible for the rework did a great job. Frame went from gathering dust to fun and useful. I am stacking strength and duration, it seems very strong. Only gripes is the wuclone shooting at enemies it can't hit due to obstacles and outside weapon range, a line of sight check and a within range check would be nice for ai. Cloud walker granting stealth would be nice for spy missions, it is only a few seconds so wouldn't be op.
  7. I like the idea of removing nightwave ranks, having the rank rewards added to store and setting wolf credits and prices accordingly and letting people buy the rewards they want rather than time gating ranks. Ideally I would see players able to choose between very difficult challenges with rapid advancement and casual with slower advancement.
  8. This update may have broken fishing where lures and bait are falling through the terrain. Noticably ponds.
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