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  1. Added some edits to puddle. Mainly faster movement, and reduced energy when casting tidal surge in this mode. Also made the lure time gated to 10 seconds on cast.
  2. Yep, just makes sense. My ideas were ok, but other peoples ideas have been gold. I've mainly been trying to bring a coders perspective to the execution of ideas presented. Despite the community support for this thread, I'm a little discouraged since DE recently updated Hydroid's ability videos, solidifying (in my mind at least) a reworks coming no time soon.
  3. I like the idea of electrical proc for the augment (and initially added it to my proposal because I liked the storm idea too). I ended up removing it to not step on Volt fans' toes, choosing gas instead. I do like the idea of some kind of blind built into his kit so I'll think about how it would be added. I like the skybox/shark idea too. I'm a huge fan of any Warframe cure ability actually working on ALL allies, and I'm still surprised the abilities don't behave like that by default. Fixed duration on undertow is an interesting idea that may solve a few problems I've heard about so I also may add it to my proposal too.
  4. So, I've received several extremely helpful suggestions on this and I'm pretty happy with were my proposed changes are currently. I've been thinking of 1 additional change based on previous replies but haven't been able to decide (I was debating 2, but as I writing, figured out the other needlessly complicated things). The change I've been thinking a lot on is: Change Hydroid's 2 movement to be more reminiscent of cloud walker. Vertical movement should probably be locked or limited, and their would need to be animation changes. Because of this I'd probably include it in the proposal as an optional change. Additionally, ending the ability probably should be triggered by either toggling the ability off, dodging, firing a weapon, or using a melee attack. I specifically wouldn't want the ability to end with a predetermined attack similar to cloud walker since it limits damage based on power strength and I love being able to currently chain abilities. I initially left it off my topic because I figure it's been suggested a few times in the comments and I know/hope DE would likely review an entire thread, but seeing as how it's been suggested so many times now it may be best to put it up front and center (and really try to detail how I'd envision it working). Just wondering if seems unnecessary, like too much to add, or if anyone considers it too outside Hydroid's theme (more or less I'm on the fence and just need persuading).
  5. I agree 100%. I'm by no means the deciding factor of what's adopted. If you have ideas please post them. I'm only adding ideas that suit my vision here. I'm sure DE reviews posts in general. Additionally, if anyone has a concrete vision that they feel can't be incorporated into someone else's suggested changes, please create a thread. That's literally what I've done here and feel like we really need to make our voices heard.
  6. Hmm, going to think about this more. I'm reluctant to just add it because he's already so tanky with my proposal already, your suggestion would make him more so. I just got called out and ended up removing some of his tankiness, so I'll need to think hard before adding a mechanic that makes him invulnerable while traveling even longer distances he's currently able to travel. I do think this is a very good suggestion though, so thank you for it.
  7. Quite frankly, these are fantastic suggestions. I'm extremely biased toward my current passive suggestion since I hate getting 1-shotted, but your 100% correct in that it may not be thematically appropriate. It also begs the question if this kind of health-gating should only apply to 1 warframe. I love both suggestions for the new passive and 4 augment, they're extremely good. I can't believe I overlooked popping in and out of undertow granting permanent invulnerability, I worked long to avoid that exact issue regarding the combination of abilities and undertow. Definitely an oversight on my part so thanks for calling it out. I'll admit, an easy fix may be just to disable the invulnerability period upon emerging until the buffs wear off, but I love the regenerative molt idea and think it may be better (easier to track, and code) than what I've suggested. I'm reluctant to tie crit damage to enemies killed while in undertow simply because I'd prefer not to force people to have to sit in puddle mode if they'd prefer not to. May have to think on that one. Maybe just having crit damage scale linearly on power strength, and have the same timeframe as the molt heal? **Topic edited to reflect these suggestions. I renamed the 4 augment to Extended Swarm so it follows how other augments are named. Added crit damage to undertow as that flat linear equation.
  8. Despite my many disagreements with @TheGodofWiFi's approach to fixing some of Hydroid's problems, he was right that tempest barrage in it's current state is unreliable and that AI fixes are necessary to address this problem. Simply adding more explosions or increasing the radius of those explosions wouldn't be effective or predictable enough unless it covered the entirety of the casting radius. Given this I've updated the main topic to reflect some of @kapn655321's AI related ideas regarding tempest barrage. I do want to expand on my reasoning a bit for a few things. I didn't include shattering impact because I feel, although good, making it effective would either require including a multishot on salvos (as he did) or greatly increasing the number of salvos since shattering impact is a flat number unlike the corrosive status effect. Even though multishot is a great idea, I feel this ability is already throwing in a lot of variables; throwing in another just complicates understanding of the ability. Consequently, I've suggested the rate of projectiles (previously a static 4) be dependent on duration. This has an added benefit of being able to speed up armor stripping if one desires. Additionally regarding shattering impact, much faster methods of armor stripping exist so I don't see shattering impact on barrage being used to enhance single target damage. The ability would be fantastic for stripping armor for groups, but I just don't see it being used often enough on single targets when it might take casting multiple times to strip an enemy of very high level. I've also suggested making the cast radius dependent on range (again). Previously it was, then DE patched it out since they were afraid of it being able to wipe an entire tile. Even though they allow players to charge the ability to expand the radius, this mechanic is clunky. I think simply limiting the radius to be dependent on power range is the better approach. I also wanted to say why Hydroid's 4 didn't get the same treatment in my proposed changes. I feel that time-dependent, exponential-scaling-true damage is pretty powerful, and that possibly missing a hit is a fair compromise to having that power. I was a little concerned about the cast missing entirely so I felt adding an end large explosion of that scaled true damage would help make the ability more consistent and predictable. I think the explosion also eliminates the need for a whirlpool like effect. I'll admit I've been avoiding adding a whirlpool to the proposal since it's an animation change and I would like Hydroid's kit to not simply take the best ability from every warframe we can think of.
  9. I appreciate the suggestion and could see something like extra speed while in sharkwing as an extra passive being useful. Even though I see him being able to swim as being thematically appropriate I do have a few genuine questions (not sarcastic) on how you think it should work. What benefit does swimming vs moving about actually have in game? Is it just an extra step to killing enemies or serve a purpose? Would it just be an animation change while using undertow and tidal wave? I know @kapn655321's rework has a mode which after casting undertow you go into a separate water environment, is that what you were thinking of?
  10. You definitely may! I appreciate the constructive feedback. I think there are 3 main parts to the barrage problem: 1 the targeting of enemies within the cast circle 2 the location explosions occur when enemies aren't within the circle and 3 the speed at which armor is reduced when the augment is equipped Problem 1 is AI related, it's taking the location of enemies within the mission, whereas problem 2 is non-AI, where explosions are set down randomly. I think your suggestions successfully address problem 1. Elements that I specifically like are: that it specifies the number of projectiles are power strength dependent, that those projectiles are divided among enemies not simply within the circle, and how it's using shattering impact. I think I understand why you're making shattering impact dependent on power strength, but feel something scaling on the enemy level or armor amount may be more beneficial (I recall corroding barrage already does something similar to this since its' armor reduction is percentile based, but I'd need to double check). I'm assuming multishot refers to the number of subhits each projectile issues? If so I like this suggestion too. I know I've said I don't want to submit AI suggestions, but seeing as how I've made 1 suggestion before (my proposed damage buff based on absorption of incoming damage) I'd very much like to update with what you'd suggested here. Honestly, this is gold. With problem 2 the ability shouldn't set random sections within the circle where shots occur. Shot location should be predictable and currently it's not. This has been the part of the problem I've been struggling to find good solutions to. An easy AI related fix would be to just make these shots act as mines, and target the next enemy in the circle. Non-AI fixes are much more daunting to come up with tho... Problem 3 is an annoying and easily solve-able problem. For whatever reason they made the number of barrages per second a static 4; instead of 16 shots occurring in 1 second they have it set to increase duration of the ability, 16 shots in 4 seconds. On paper it makes sense, in practice it's far too slow especially when the problem is increased by poor targeting. They need to make the number scale. I'm going to think about problem 2 more but I think with the help of your post problem 1 and 3 are solved. I'll update the main post when I've thought it out some more.
  11. Still thinking about ways to address barrages rng-ness a little more. I think giving a concrete number for the radius and number of missiles would be a good start. Also, considering some kind of cooldown for puddle or drawback to puddle (maybe additional energy drain after a set tiime?). I don't really care if someone sits in puddle until they die to an eventually nullifier, but I am concerned about the possible exploitation of my tentacle storm suggestions. I can see people sitting in puddle casting tentacle storm repeatedly since the damage would scale.
  12. I'm keeping this reply short as it seems we'll keep disagreeing. None of your arguments have dissuaded me of my opinions and I feel the same is likely true for you. I'm a little annoyed you've accused me of not taking your post seriously. Last time I checked I replied point by point on everything you wrote. If I dismissed your points, I simply wouldn't have replied. I'm trying to assume your best intent, please assume the same for me. In general, I feel our arguments are simple: I feel Hydroid can be improved through several options of which DE will ultimately decide. One option that can be used is through quick, simple changes to non-environmental/mission reliant variables. You feel Hydroid can only be improved through a rework that introduces new skills. The player base consensus is that his current kit is ineffective and unfun. There is only one part I disagree with in your argument, the "only" part. I feel DE being the deciding factor from my argument is a fact. I think the arguments regarding consensus and ability usage can easily be determined by DE, consequently I plan to not waste any more time arguing on ability effectiveness. DE has the stats and generally try to listen to player opinion. Is Hydroid unpopular, yes. Does his kit need changing, yes. I just don't believe this can ONLY be done through a rework requiring multiple new skills. Can a new skill be a solution, sure. Is that what I'm writing about in my post, no. Now, I can take another hour going through each line you wrote asserting it as incorrect or we can agree to disagree and you can make your own post, outlining Hydroid's shortfalls, and giving possible solutions to how they can be addressed. The only thing I want to reply directly to in your post is how corroding barrage works. I was not insinuating the fault was only on you for not being able to target enemies (if it sound like that I sincerely apologize). I was saying the dashed projectiles that fall from the air are only animations. I tested this by simply casting the skill behind a pillar in the simulacrum. The projectile animation showed through the pillar and cast the explosion on the ground (anyone reading this doesn’t have to take my word for it, go test it yourself). This is not to say the skill is unpredictable, even I'm unsure how it targets exactly (I clarified this in 1 or 2 other comments in this post). Just saying the mechanism you described was incorrect, not the results of this mechanism. I strongly suggest you make your own post with your suggestions rather than saying how other people’s ideas are faulty, we're both beating a dead horse here and it's going nowhere. Ultimately the decision doesn't fall on you alone and it's much more productive to advertise your opinion to the masses in a separate post, consequently possibly gaining developer support.
  13. After seeing several opinions regarding it, I've been thinking about Hydroid's tempest barrage, how it currently targets, and methods to make it more consistent. It's extremely unclear to me if the targetting is AI based (actually initially targeting enemies within the radius circle) or if its' blasts are procedurally generated within the circle (so non-AI. Selecting a point in the circle then branching out x meters from there, or even just set points within the circle multiplied by Hydroid's range). Without knowing this it's hard to make it better, but there are 2 non-AI related solutions I can think of. 1- increasing the radius (greatly) and sheer number of blasts. This is what I proposed, but if the targetting is set points within the circle new locations would need to be added as well. This seems like the most straightforward solution to me, but it can be a mixed bag if the targetting is AI based. 2- changing the number and shape of each blast. Right now they're circles, but one solution would be to change them to rectangles whose length spans the full length of the casting circle, and whose width would be equal to whatever the current individual blast circle diameter is. This would greatly increase the area of each blast, far more than increasing the circle radius would. This new shape would only be used to indicate which enemies take damage, and an animation change isn't really necessary. It's a hard concept to explain in words but if this makes sense to anyone out there, please let me know. I'm debating proposing 2 for tempest barrage, since I'm pretty sure it'd be far more consistent, but I just need a better/simpler way to explain the idea.
  14. That's great to hear and thank you for writing this. You've helped me think a little more regarding his 4. On his 4 I've been a little concerned with it being able to hit enemies after the damage has ramped up. A suggestion from other people I got was to make 1 final blast of true damage when the skill dissipates. I think having that damage be based on the final amount of damage the tentacles dealt would be amazing (kind of similar to Mag's magnetize), may encourage some interesting builds, and would make it a bit more reliable. I've added this idea to the main topic.
  15. Although I'm not really considering animation alterations I did think about this some initially too. Him casting his puddle and roaming. Maybe as he's roaming he'd recieve some kind of damage mitigation in exchange for mobility, or better yet have A LOT of inertia. I could see the other ability suggestions working, and have even included most in my proposal. His 4, I dunno, that would just need a lot of testing no matter what so the suggestions I've seen (even my own) don't really solve the issues we've noted.
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