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  1. Considering we're on the cusp of a war against said Sentients and he's going to be less effective against them all, I can completely see the validity of choosing NOT to invest in that Warframe. People are staring themselves blind at this event, but forgetting that DEs nerf train is going to have repercussions lasting years after this.
  2. Limbo has been having trouble for quite a while against a whole assortment of enemies in different tilesets, just not Arbitrations. But I'm sure that's juuust around the corner. (tm)
  3. I say we leave it in because clearly someone out there likes it and the benefit of that mod can be added without the detriment of losing vacuum. In fact, I hope all Warframes get an augment like that and a slot we can put it in that's dedicated. Sure, make me grind out another 30 ranks for it, I don't care really. Let's not let the originator (who apparently is a horrible person) tarnish the fact that removing passives can actually be a good thing in this game. Because truth be told, most passives are just plain bad. And while we're on that topic, how about mods that allow you to SWAP passives entirely? Now there's some interesting food for thought!
  4. To be honest, I think this is the beginning of a nerf train. The more people abuse the metas, the more DE is gonna blanket nerf everything. This is starting to look like the last time I left the game, because I was just too disgusted with having every tool I worked so hard for being rendered useless. In fact, this feels like history repeating as it did with the Syndicate nerfs when we got caps, or when DE introduced nullifiers into the mix. All in all, I was so glad once DE got it out of their system, but now it seems they're gearing up for round 2.
  5. I don't. After they ruined the 100% status hoses (the few we had) I've just shelved shotguns for the most part. I've been tinkering with some stuff, but I'm not really feeling it. Something that can't reliably crit or status is just pointless to use in higher levels.
  6. This weapon is definitely underwhelming, it just needs tons of work to be viable at higher levels. Disappointing mastery fodder really.
  7. There is an old saying that Warframe players can optimize the fun out of everything. For most of this game, that's true, but sometimes as with railjack, there simply isn't any fun to be had. Railjack is marking another first for me as a vet and that's to start ignoring content that has affinity in it. I used to want to max out everything, no matter what, but Railjack is actually so horrifically bad and unrewarding to me that I'd rather play something else. For now, that "something else" is still very much Warframe, but with this event being on par with Railjack, I'm kinda starting to get tired of this kind of attitude from DE. I've said it before with regards to time and effort investment in the game and I'll say it again: DE, you NEED to start respecting our time again or we'll find someone else who does. Warframe was a fantastic game, but you're dragging it through the mud now.
  8. Between the damage nerf and forced stagger, it's only made launchers go from "Heh, let's use this for fun" to "No way unless I have primed sure footed on". And as for amps, yeah, Granmu is absolutely dead for eidolon hunts, because being staggered = dead as operator.
  9. I'm SO glad someone else sees the nerfs for what they are! But what galls me the most is how most people buy into this "revision" thing as a good thing. I mean, arguably shield gating is nice, but at the cost of launchers being more niche than ever, amps being unusuable along with loads of AoE niche weapons being relegated to trash tier. And then there's the shotguns who had a few 100% status ones that are now nerfed hardcore too. This update trashed those weapon categories about as hard as the beam weapon update nuked the few viable beam weapons we had. As a vet, I'm tired of seeing stuff I've worked several years for just go poof into the air. I get told that "this is how Warframe is" But it didn't use to be. Devs used to respect our time and our effort in attaining new gear and levels, now it's just sort of like they're shrugging at everything and going "Meh, let's do it for the money".
  10. Yes, it was very obvious in that trailer that they're messing with her mind, spinning a narrative that's partially fabricated. The way I see it it's either 1) Erra never died, because the event never happened 2) Erra died and whomever this new person is, is impersonating Erra. Either way, I do hope this means that we can turn the Lotus back, but that we still get diversity in announcers, because even though I love Rebs voice work, I also seriously love the new people on the team. My idea would be that Lotus would only spearhead the big events while the more mundane missions becomes led by whomever is at the helm of the faction we're helping.
  11. I don't speak French, but I reported this literally last year: DE, for the love of the Lotus DO SOMETHING!
  12. Reminds me of the last Plague Star runs when I lost a whole squad I'd painstakingly recruited through chat just because I clicked the wrong option for Konzu, launching his EMOTIONAL EXPOSITION. (Honestly though, if you haven't heard it, please do listen, it's great)
  13. I was going to give this another shot since I saw there were changes, but I'm locked out of all flotillas until the reset. WHY is this even a thing? WHY require people to stay three whole hours for a reward? As someone who doesn't have the energy, nor the actual real life situation to spend six hours on this every single night for a month, I'm just going to keep giving this a pass until DE fixes it. I was mildly annoyed before, but now I'm actually mad because I feel like DE doesn't want me to even play this event now.
  14. To be honest, me and some friends took this out for a spin and by our calculations, we're looking at ~25 hours to unlock the weapons and some of the stuff we want. We sort of noped out after that. We might try some tactics to speed it up, but the fact that most of the points gathering is behind a time gate of three hours and all of us have real lives, this is just likely going to be passed over.
  15. I sighed very deeply as I read this post. This explains everything then. DE is up to their old shenanigans again by cheating with stats. Soon the codex won't be worth the bytes it's occupying on their servers if this continues. I don't get why they keep insisting on cheating like this with damage values. Oh well, I guess it's just another reason to give this event a skip.
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