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  1. Personally im happy with the idea of playing a older us with some time paradox or dimension on the side, its a good thing to me, beside if we do get the choice of having them older and stay that way il do it ina hearth beat, to me second dream was good but heavily broke what i was expecting us to be, i would have prefered having the choice of age right of the start but i get it they have to tell a story personally us being child juste broke the ''power play'' i got used to it but hell if i get to be a grown up gimme, anyhow that whole paradox is what we really wanna chat ehre not tenno age and identity who really care? expect a loud minority like the SJW or what not >,> , As for the idea of the guy being stalker im not against the idea but i highly doubt it, we know they still wanna introduce stalker mode so maybe? but i do think its more gonna eb a personal journey of our operator
  2. Im surprise no one talk about the diviri parts , my friends and i where talking about it and it somehow close to a other latin word that interestingly had the following meaning's to have or keep from someone to owe something, to be under obligation to and for something to be bound, in duty bound to do something; "I ought", "I must", "I should" Its funny but it does fit the theme of maybe us causing something to set the timeline in motion, as we owe our power tot he void demon what i love even more is the under obligation what if we are the one who causes the void demon to affect the adult and well cause everything that had to happen to happen effectively creating a Paradox. As for the Dax because if you look at is katana its very very much the same as dax one even is way of holding it is almost the same as when dax was holding it toward us, but the whole skeletal and how he is made really make em Think of Nidus deluxe for some reason its just a bit similar, Which funny enough nidus mean's: a place where something originates, develops, or is located which yet again fit the thematic but yeah im just throwing ideas
  3. I would be happy about this closed beta thing if i wasn't form the list of people that had their original account deleted back in the day heh well anyhow im gonan go try out what garuda feel like right now.
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