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  1. Holy Hek, I never imagined she would be younger than me...
  2. Happy birthday to our Lotus! I saw somewhere on her Twitter the number 27. Is that really her age?
  3. That map was called Morpheus. It was amazing when you added 100+ bots with the console.
  4. It reminded me of a mutator in Unreal Tournament called instagib, that would make players only be able to use hit scan laser semi auto rifles that killed everything in one shot. It was pure chaos.
  5. Casting spores on an enemy inflicts Viral damage. Popping those spores inflicts Viral procs and spread the spores. Popping spores with Toxic Lash will add Toxin damage and procs to those effects, but: - Popping with Toxic Lash spreads only the Viral effect, or does it spread the Toxin one too? - Attacking with Toxic Lash a Molt with Spores spreads only the Viral effect, or does it spread the Toxin one too? - What's the best way to spread both effects without using a weapon with Toxin damage? Thanks
  6. It happened to me, I couldn't get 10 reactants because enemies stopped spawning and the few remaining reactants were not pickable. My friend told me his key got consumed. I believed him, but I do not discard the possibility that he wasn't paying attention. In any case, even if the relics disappear or not, the point of this thread is to propose a solution to the fact that enemies stop spawning.
  7. I never assumed it was a feature. The key being consumed happened to a friend, or so he claimed. If you have tested it, I'll believe you. And will test it myself when I get home, to double check.
  8. Watch out, you may hurt yourself with all those unnecesary facepalms. Listen: 1. I'll check if it is consumed or not even after extracting with less than 10 reactants. I know it shouldn't, but I think it is. But anyway, that's not the point, if you cannot pick up the reward, you just wasted 5-10 minutes on nothing because your team rushed to the end. 2. Nope. Tried it all. After the mission objective is completed and fissures stop spawning, some reactant cannot be picked. 3. Do you realize that, with the current system, the following could happen: You get into a capture fis
  9. This was mentioned by @nesodos in another thread, but I find it to be such a good idea that it deserves its own thread. Since the last hotfix, I have seen and suffered several cases where the void enemies stop spawning in fissure missions, and some players are left without enough reactant to open their relic, which is wasted. In one case, a player could see the reactant on the floor, but still couldn't pick it up. The proposed fix is: make the reactant target number a group objective. If you are solo, you will need 10, as now. If you are in a full squad, you will need 40, and everyon
  10. I think they said in a stream that the door won't be dealt with in U19. Actually, I think the speculation began because of the feral Kavats, as it was stated that they eat the infestation long before the announcement of U19, to justify their presence in the derelicts.
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