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  1. Run where? There's really nowhere to go on that ship, besides into the cold, bony arms of death.
  2. But aren't the tenno pretty much at the peak of physical fitness?
  3. Hell, why stop at the corpus? Why not just kill off everything in the galaxy? Wait, what's that logic? The game would suffer like a sinner in hell? You know logic, you might have a point.
  4. Was there any point to this point? At all?
  5. So how many episodes are we at now? Like 500? More?
  6. People who ask for an invite to void runs, but never accept it when I send them one.
  7. People who fall for this is the same type of people that fall for the Nigerian prince, if they are that stupid they probably deserve it.
  8. It's another word for status effects.
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