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  1. Well if I may, how about this simple animation set: Legios raises his hand => manifest a spear in his hand => throw the spear, end of animation. If you draw this you may want to also illustrate how the spear pierce and knock enemies down. Hope I was helpful :).
  2. Hmmm Im not sure what you mean but basicly, what Im trying to say is that for the ability to feel smooth it needs to have 1. short cast time 2. it shouldnt interupt other action too much. Crouching would require the player to stop for a sec wouldnt it? and even if u do all those motions in a very short time it would look wierd. Dunno, maybe Im missing your point. Also what do u mean "charging up"? the ability doesnt say anything about charging.
  3. Oh you are doing abilities art too? thats cool. Anyway, it seems to me that crouching as part of the cast animation may make the ability to long to use for a 1st ability. Idealy, imo, he needs just to get ready for a throw while the apear manifest in nis hand. That will make it somewhat quick and spamable. Remember, wf is a fast paced game.
  4. Well for startes its not bad, but its not too good as well. The 1st is nice even if a bit plain, I do like the eagleeven though you may want to change its attacks speed something. If there are many enemies around he wil be much less useful. How about giving his attacks a sweeping ability where he can slash a few close enemies at once?. The banner feels kinda meh to me but really cant find anything to say. Is the added hp and shield static or affected by mods? also you may want to put the stats of all ability ranks like "deals x/y/z/c damag..." thats how everyone does it. As for the ultimate its fine really, but maybe the defences it gives maybe a bit too high. Tbh Im a bit biased towards roman legion/soldier themed frames since I did my own but I really think its a cool and possible idea :D. GL and keep working on it :)! EDIT: Also, I want that art arghh >.<
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