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  1. Im not sure how valid this idea is lore-wise but lets put this aside for now. Now, some ability criticsm. I really dont understand what 1st ability do. You get in a target and deal damage? is that all? the description is lacking. 2nd ability is fine just maybe add some more spice to it. Also youe should try to add synergies between abilities. 3rd and 4th abilities too plain in my opinion. Maybe combine them (switch&toggle ability) and make place for another ability. 110 hp per sec is way too much. And all the dmg and slow and hp removal as well? way over the top. An int
  2. Tbh I think this conceptcan be so much better. The abilities seem plain and lacking. The idea is fine but the execution is bad. Try coming a bit more unique or atleads better sounding abilities. The "2 in 1" frame idea is not rare in the forums but I think u can do something special here if u put more synergy between the two stances. I really hope you will work more on it, and will be waiting to see what you will come up with. Good luck :)! EDIT: how does that sound- the gas stance main function will be AoE gas spread and low damage and status infliction, and the heat stan
  3. Well if what u mean is to explain why the similar abilities are a bad thing, well then the only thing i have to say is that in the end of the day u can take an existing ability and change it a bit but a unique ability woukd be much better obviusly. If what u are asking is how to use the craws with your abilities then according to your passive everytime an enemy is killed by scarow it spawns a craw right? so you gonna have a lot of craws usually even if their stats are low. Maybe instead of making them some random weak minion try to make them an active part of your abilities for example: a
  4. So let me start this on a positive note. I personally always hoped DE would add a nightmare/ fear sort of frame so im always interested on those concepts. Your 1st ability and ult have potential to be interesting but may need a bit of rework to make them more unique. Also about the ult i dont really understand, u said the craws blind enemies but the stats showed health decay aswell. Now for the criticism. First as everyone before me said about the crafting method.... no. Just no. Sure if this frame was some naturally god tier S#&$ its fine but obviously th
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