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  1. There should be an indicator where the grenade is, currently its invisible and do unreasonable amount of damage. I know it makes a beeping noise, but isn't the grenade itself should be at least visible? Back then, the grinner commander can teleport you without notice or a window to dodge, which I believe been reworked and fixed. So please take a look at this grenades and tune them to be more user friendly and not a random death because an invisible one explode somewhere and cut through you effective hp, shield, overshield. Thats just feels cheap.
  2. imagine this, the event reward is a gun lets say opticor vandal, after you get it the event is worthless to you because you already get it. meanwhile the reward is a floof, after you get it, you can still replay the event to get another one, and another, and another x100 see? something like these floof can actually be a better reward than just another gun or they just make a gun that give you different stat everytime you get it from drops, something that can recreate an "infinite" replayability. for now, looks like floofs is the thing that fills that position maybe because theyre easier to make than a gun or mod and they can just recolor it 5 times and sell it separately as content.
  3. probably he meant that the open world stuff didnt last long, like plains and fortuna theyre take years to make but get boring fast.
  4. Thats if they didnt extend it like last time, probably another month.
  5. Should just unlock weapon skins for higher MR, so at least people has something to aim for without the unlock weapon being too op because its a MR27 gun. Elitisim? so with that logic tigris prime is elitist because its require MR16? when people stop having new stuff to unlock, thats the death for the business model because they stop playing
  6. why make a big one when a small one is just as effective? its like those super heavy tanks during world war 2 thats actually useless and just a waste of resources when you can mass produce smaller ones thats more manuverable and reliable probably the orokin where smart enough to know that since theyre an advanced civilization after all.
  7. Well I can actually kill stuff with it now after testing, when the mod work its actually nice especially on a crowded hallway, the dive bomb also can kill now which is nice. Too bad it takes this long just to fix the mod though. Hopefully more improvements later. yay I guess
  8. Roller floof will phase through the rack on living quarters if you put it there. Just lost one this way. Any way to retrieve that? Tried going in and back orbiter, decorator mode, none work its just completely gone. Thats like 500 pearl down the drain.
  9. Dunno but the roomba bot itself doesnt really work that well in dojo, what makes yall think a ball that freely move would work. Maybe thats why we cant put em on dojo.
  10. Exactly, and this leads to more problems than current because 1 player afk on your team will affect everyone. and since theres seem nothing will be changed until now, guess afk is the way it meant to be played now. Maybe this event just there to inflate player number so people run the game in background for 5 minute on repeat.
  11. funny that this event is basically everything you mention, grinding same mission over&over, map is reskinned/recycled rathuum, and what is fun about it, theres not even winning condition, most people just afk for 5 min.
  12. the real issue is 50 pearl per mission where you need 500 pearl for one beach ball of course people would just afk, playing super soakers get boring fast especially when you need to repeat the same thing that much. after all, like every event its not about fun, its about getting the reward with least effort.
  13. Recipe for a dead game and how does the game work having both P2P and dedicated server? its easy to give ideas but how to realistically implement that. Dedicated server only good if youre living in the area near the server, otherwise its even worse because you cant play at all with 300ping and lots of packet loss/
  14. I dont like nightwave too, and simple just dont do it. Good thing the rewards are mostly cosmetics and things I already have or not interested in. Its not like were forced to do it, dont fall for the "fear of missing out" most games push to people.
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