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  1. Usually on those % missions prioritize killing the dropships before they get close, most enemies come from the sky either dropship or those droppods. Use on call feature so you have extra firepower can help too
  2. They will make you do a reverse kickflip with a k-drive (must be 5 forma) on cold cycle while doing profit taker with sisters below below playing in the background
  3. you can issue refund/chargeback, but they delete your account too, most f2p game has this policy i believe wf too
  4. Had a crewship stuck inside an asteroid today, had to abort because of it. Public railjack still unplayable, had to solo to avoid things like this.
  5. Thats just how trading is everywhere
  6. You can do this already, press L to open tactical menu, you can assign role on the fly.
  7. remember jumping jack trinity castanas thingy?
  8. Most mission you just park it near entrance so you can teleport back to it to shoot generators, so far I dont see a use of crew pilot its more convenient to have the ship stationary and just cloak it.
  9. Guess maybe thats what sev intended purpose is since I heard people spend 16 forma or so on it.
  10. carmine penta was a chinese client exclusive long ago they just recently copy paste it here lately if im not mistaken
  11. Void sinks (the white eye cancer explody things) dont damage companions anymore I think
  12. Yeah it despawn after around 3min tried it twice, and them 6min cooldown to use it again. Pretty underwhelming might as well use specters.
  13. DE already cater to new players, you can instantly unlock new content and bypass quest requirement by buying the railjack pack :) Like it or not this is the core design of any F2P grind game, pay up, OR grind the items separately that only drop on rotation C (1% chance) only during the day while on a k-drive with necramech equipped and 10 intrinsic requirement or they offer you the thing for 100plat-ish. Its either you grind with worse condition every update or platinum.
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