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  1. Well yeah since old blood then the unfinished and buggy railjack I decided to just play another game for a while, hopefully de can do better in 2020.
  2. Legit my brother doesnt even reach MR2 and dropped the game after he stuck on some stairs on the remove the ascaris mission. Same like his friends who tried the game, so I kinda believe these stats from what I see personally. Warframe kinda aged badly even on the starting quests, de really need to refine the starter quest because early game is totally bad for todays standards. Like stop the fancy trailers and actually put the things on the fancy trailers INGAME, even on steam storepage the "new player experience" trailer with the orokin era grinner etc is there even though nothing in the game is like that yet.
  3. Yeah you just play for how long exactly? the thing is they consistently repeat their mistakes every update and yes I can tolerate but when it happen everytime just look how lich system and empyrean look so unfinished and yet and people like you always say "its ok small indie developer" is why they can just release broken and unfinished updates everytime. And no de is no longer a small indie dev since plains of eidolon.
  4. Just saying, other online games has policy they wont tell you why you got banned because if they did like "you got banned for x or using x cheat" it will just make it easier for people to know if their cheat is detected for example and theres whole cheaters forums that the users will report to if they got a ban and the program theyre using is detected. Just an example. You have good intention, but we dont know for sure if OP is telling the truth, because afk bans came from multiple people reporting it using support ticket, usually with recording or screenshoot.
  5. Bad analogy..the car would not been released if its that broken and unfinished, and youre making it sound theyre using people as test subjects..
  6. Kinda remind me of this, pretty fitting for what warframe is now
  7. Huh yeah OP points kinda valid and this guy summed it up pretty accurate..
  8. They already drop this update undercooked af, cant even board enemy crewship without getting softlocked. Sometime im still wearing my archwing inside the ship making me unable to open door or exiting the ship after I shoot the reactor. Its like the most basic and important feature in empyrean, boarding ship, and it didnt even work properly.
  9. Yeah wait for 2020 for railjack part 3, dunno why they called this update "empyrean" when its not the full package, since the drydock update (part1) has its own name "rising tide" This should be called something than "empyrean" kinda give false sense to people who think its the full release.
  10. If I want to experience actual nemesis system and not that layers of rng and roulette press x to die thing, rather play shadow of mordor where this lich system suppose to be copyed from.
  11. Just wait a few weeks until the update stable and adjusted, probably will ease up the grind a bit like always (plains, fortuna, old blood, etc) has high crafting/ big amount to grind that later adjusted either make the source drop more, less rng, or reduce the amount needed. Playing early will be just bad experience, its like being a beta tester.
  12. Resource/materials yes, but in wf the economy is so fcked you can have a million unit of useless resource and keep getting it despite nothing used or needed for it anymore and it just keep pilling. So when you get more of those, it just feel eeeh Need someplace we can spend those resource so even things like nanospore still have value instead of just piling up into millions for nothing. So need to fix the resource economy first before resource as reward can be good, but it seem the easy fix by de is introducing new resource you have to grind each major update (hexenon, carbides, etc) that will end up the same soo its like not gonna happen in this rate.
  13. Yeah they promised/show too much but cant deliver or it end up worse than what they show in trailers (old blood).
  14. This. Feels like just de way to inflate death numbers even though its not the players fault that cause the death. Fake challenge & difficulty.
  15. Maybe instead of lvl 1000 enemies bullet sponge/one hit fiesta that only shoot and move a bit same like its lvl 10 counterpart maybe add more moves/abilities for high level ones?
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