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  1. Good thing youre not a dev then, what a horrible idea. How is any of this good its not even profitable from de point of view, support will be flooded with complaints because some bug happened and players lost stuff. Heck, even in orphix my archgun still resetted to unranked after I maxed it. Think before you type next time please.
  2. Just make sure youre the host, you have full control of the clients. In this game host is king since de let you have full control of internet connections even some people can get high score on orphix by abusing the host fps thing and de just let it happen apparently.
  3. its a trip to 2035 im not kidding, their eula has "no tolerance policy" and if enforced that means any rule breaking is a 2035.
  4. Target Fixation augment kinda does this, also frame need a total rework at the caliber of nezha, ember, not just small adjustments like what de do recently.
  5. You should know the free affinity boost is because necramech xp bug is still not fixed so at least people will be less pissed when their max level gear goes back to 0 when they return to orbiter. Hope it will be fixed before de going to holiday.
  6. Same, hope DE fixed this before going to holiday, if not that means I have to use a lvl 1 mech + gun everytime I play the event, how nice.
  7. Not fixed, just had my voidrig+mausolon resetted to 1 after it maxed. And I am the host.
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