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  1. I would personally enjoy it if instead of being longer missions or thrown in with the endless missions there could be something akin to hyper challenge missions things like level 150 capture everything in an eximus and the capture target is a boss in it's own right.
  2. It's all a bit op tbh. It feels like there would be no point to mods. The passive would be straight broken as well, maybe you could have it not a cool down and instead maybe let it do something like: While hacking you are invincible. The first could be that you restore all ammo, but increase ammo cost for a period of time. So like restore all ammo, increase damage, and ammo cost for a period of time. The second could be neat, but I don't see it really being used. Why not just have a placable pod or something that you can teleport back to. I like the invisibility and the 4th
  3. Wait also let us scale them up till they are actual size.
  4. Hmm, I know it's kind of weird; but why not a cloth like sheath. Sort of like a syandana that wraps around the lower region of the blade when sheathed. Wait no DE doesn't support that...
  5. Oh also could we have the standing caps raised? The progression is a bit slow in places like fortuna and the ostrons.
  6. Could we ever get a random mission node? Like if you are in public and you select the node it'll send you to any random open session? So maybe we could help out newer players or just have fun.
  7. Pretty sure they get a port and probably excal prime or the skana prime for an additional 200 bucks xD, according to a friend of mine who lives in China.
  8. I do I need slots, but I do think it'd be interesting to throw in things like pigments and maybe non tradable plat.
  9. Oh can we also see corpus/ orokin parts in cetus zaws? Maybe just a huge collage of mixed parts.
  10. Oh can we also see corpus/ orokin parts in cetus zaws? Maybe just a huge collage of mixed parts.
  11. With Sony accepting cross play now, and since the stars have seemed to align. Could save transfer ever be on the table again? Maybe console to switch?
  12. I like this a lot, but we can do even more how about the first just drains energy and have it be restorable through normal methods. It feels like they are trying to say that we should always have it active anyways. Then also let the flames mark enemies that walk through them and if you use the Chakram it could carry the flames marking groups of enemies in a much wider area. It would also affect the fourth by hitting a much larger area and spreading flames much more. His 3rd ability would be cool if it had its own restoration so it could act as a shield that is affected by armor. So when it goes a while without taking damage it would start to restore itself and naturally it would be affected by shield restoration mods as well :D.
  13. Personally I'd like it if it was like a damage mitigatior that would negate any damage below a certain amount like if you have it at 1000 damage mitigation then enemies have to deal that amount in a certain period of time in order to deal damage.
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