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  1. thinking by this way... it seems very fair to me, that having one every 2 years is also better than nothing ;)
  2. jesus!!!! I can't understand this kind of thinking!!!!!!! THiS iS A G R I N D GAAMEEEEE! right now, I need that someone to explain this to me, in a very consistent way, WHY spending a LOT of time farming in this game, it's considered a LOT of BAD things?!?!?!? this escapes my understanding, as a player of games focused on GRiND!! to me, it doesn't make any sense when I hear someone say something like that!!! PLS !!! I need a VERY reasonable justification to change my mind about it!!! (and I still find it, really fun to spend a good time tearing and blowing up, everyt
  3. 🙃 🥰 😍 🤩 COOOOOOOOOL... if U have played (knows) quake, U know that I felling... pls... look for the first game QUAKE (released in 22 Jun 1996) oooops... sorry me about this! noooooooo... U dont read "...I have this accumulator thing... " I like the resources and the rewards too, of course yeezzz!! ;)
  4. I do not believe, that the way it is now, will last for a more long time... hopefully, that I am very wrong!!!
  5. those are your opinions on how you see a grind/farm game!! I have a completely different opinion from yours !!! yes, it is true, I think I could have had a better balance, but I made clear at the beginning that I do not want to talk and I will not talk about it, nor is the focus of this post! Yeah! do you like to farm only 20 min max... unlike you, I like to stay a long time... (with friends or alone) I like to see mobs exploding, melting... going to hell!!! I find it very fun. (I think this is what makes me not find it boring to farm for a long time and kee
  6. are points like this, that I try to bring to discuss!! think very carefully about it... LiMBO is an old warframe and they (DE) know its mechanics VERY well !!! so, I stay here thinking to myself... how can a game developer, who knows the game inside, let such a failure happen right away with a new weapon... it didn't happen with the previous ones!! as it just happened now, with a new one?! think better about this little detail! (I'm sorry to be encouraging to escape the main point of the topic, but I couldn't resist)
  7. good job, good updates here, thank you about the hard work, but... the following new Deimos Challenges still not working!!! :( Bug Out Ride Ride 20 Velocipods. Jugger-Not Kill 5 Juggernauts in Cambion Drift. Kill It With Fire Burn 100 Infested pods. several Juggernauts killed in Cambion Drift, as well as Infested Pods and Velocipod riding, and none of the challenges updated. I just hope that despite not tagging challenges as complete it still records them somewhere so that we don't need to chase that 100 pods af
  8. I started a post and saw several answers deleted (and I think this one will be deleted too)... some of mine and several of other guys I know exactly what the guy is feeling. many comments on my post, had nothing to do with the subject itself... I always try to keep the level and keep focused on the subject, but that's not what happens normally... I usually answer only, the subject that I started! I think that some people, could not understand my idea, due to pollution of other subjects and what I said, it was not read... all this, it’s very frustrating
  9. this is really cool... I think nowadays, maintaining traditions... maintaining an active culture... it's getting harder and harder !! thank you for bringing this so that i could become aware of its existence!! I agree too!! I think it's a good idea!! ;)
  10. I agree with you... I think steel path was a great idea and it should also put old and experienced players in a challange... however, in my head, it was poorly designed. :(((
  11. throughout the dialogues present here and a lot they were not even about the subject itself, there was talk of several things... I made all my ideas very clear, if you didn't see them, due to pollution from other subjects or I was not clear enough, maybe because each culture (country) has its own way of expressing yourself I am very sorry for that, but I will not continue to repeat more times what I said earlier and several times! thats it!
  12. ok, you like it that way, all right! I won't disagree with you. ;)
  13. I dont know, why when someone can understand some strategy and apply it in gameplay, it is considered wrong or it is camper or something else!!! In this case I realized that the more I kill, the more enemies will appear to be killed as well and consequently, the greater the number of mobs that drop what I want... It seems obvious to me and I will make it happen... and adding that to the fact that I like to stay there for a long time, killing everything that moves (and this is a lot of fun, guys), I will reach my goal. I will repeat for you, what I said here before: "I agree wit
  14. yep, Ure right... it also disappointed me a little!! yes, I know that, but we don't get the rewards as before, and that is disheartening! I already made a comment about it here, look it up and you will understand my point of view about it!
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