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  1. Please think about what you want Nyx and Titania to do before rolling out more of those "buffs" that don't really buff anything. The QoL for Titania's RW is really nice - even if it took 2 flippin' years, with a bunch of constructive Titania feedback posts *every week* - at least we finally got vacuum and some way to support the flies yay. Only took over two flippin' years... But I get sidetracked and a bit angry, back to the point: the rest of the "rework" for those two is seriously underwhelming. Scrap Titania's 2, it's bad. Just bad. Don't try and fix it, scrap it. The buffs don't matter, at best, and go totally against her play at worst (get hit to reflect laughably small amounts of damage, but you die in 1-2 hits and have skills to boost your evasion and distract enemies... wat, who thought of that?). If it costs energy AND you have to find the right mob AND you have to go actually "retrieve the buff" yourself... the buffs should be worth all that. Not "eh, better than nothing I s'pose". Find a way to make her 1 and 3 more distinct. ACTUALLY tether her 3 so it doesn't become useless damn near instantly. Make her cast faster. Seriously, why. Make her cast faster. I'm not going to waste a modslot and lower her best abilitiy's damage (or sacrifice other utility) to make 2 baaaaarely mediocre skills useable. And without Natural Talent the energy and opportunity cost (NOT scanning for priority targets, aiming and shooting) is just too damn high. Why waste time and energy to cast a mediocre CC when I could just kill the bunch quicker and WITHOUT extra energy cost? And we still can't interact with door or elevator buttons while in RW. Would that be OP? Just let the fairy push a damn button. And in the plains and vallis there's like zero warning before you get swatted out of the sky by some anti-AW stuff. Evasion, accuracy debuff and distraction from razorflies barely matter, you just get knocked out of the sky. As for Nyx: why not just have Psychic Bolts cancel on the old targets and apply to new targets with a 2nd cast? Did that REALLY need a clumsy and slow charge mechanic? Does that added clumsiness make the ability better or more fun? Also, the limit of 6 when we're fighting huge masses is absurd. Yeah its effects are potentially good - but no the ability is not usually worth it because there's a hundred enemies clustered in front of you. Maybe have it seek out specifically the aura providers and suppress them, not fly all over targeting LancyMcLancer who's no threat. Then a limit of 6 may be appropriate. Her 1 still does nothing worthwhile, the AI is crap and the damage you can pump in doesn't make a difference. Absorb is fun with the augment, but not all that useful. And abilities should be good and worthwhile without their augments, right? Yet especially without the augment, such an outdated ability. The damage buff here is laughable, nice but laughable. If I want to buff my team's damage I bring Banshee or Rhino or any other buffer/debuffer. This effect is at BEST a nice to have, but it doesn't redeem an otherwise boring and super outdated ability that really doesn't have any practical use in any current mission type - other than with the augment. So that turned into quite a bit longer rant than I planned... sorry. But please, PLEASE stop with the tweaking, if you want those two frames to be good then there's years of constructive feedback threads outlining their problems in detail. And I'm sure you can run your own tests to see how they work (or don't work) with how the game's content of today is played. THEN think about how you can rework them, THEN make changes. Don't just throw random tweaks into the void and see what works, this barely amounts to anything. Buffs, sure, those two are technically better than before so thanks for that I'll take those buffs - but Nyx and Titania STILL have largely the same problems as before, you barely fixed anything.
  2. So wait... waitwaitwait. Ahahahaha. Those mods in question that have been a problem for YEARS are still mods and you don't plan on doing anything about that? And yet you expect people to trust WF's moderator staff and to follow their decisions... why exactly? This is the outcome people predicted, why people didn't think that anything of substance would change, why people doubted Bear right from the start even though he's a kinda well known community-guy. This [excrement] gets swept under the rug, AGAIN, moderators who have clearly acted out of line, against the community and solely to stroke their egos SEVERAL TIMES are still moderators. Because apparently they weren't made aware that their behavior was unacceptable, never had even the most basic rules to follow, never got a stern talking to - even though for TWO EFFIN' YEARS this has been an issue that popped up every few months. You expect us to swallow that because they didn't technically break any rules, as there apparently weren't any, they cannot be removed. Even though - AGAIN - this has been a problem for TWO YEARS and DE assured us several times they'd look into it. Why. You expect the community to accept that? You think there wont be anymore issues in the future? And if there are issues in the future you expect the community to trust that those mods will be dealt with properly, this time, FOR SURE PINKYSWEAR? Why? Why do you think those "problematic individuals" can be trusted with moderating powers? This is a joke. Yay we finally got some rules for mods and some accountability - the bare minimum. It's a joke, these people should not be trusted with policing the community ever again, they had their chance. Chances, plural. This... this is somehow exactly what I was expecting (though I was hoping otherwise) and it's still like a slap in the face. It's a joke, they need to go.
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